Business Intelligence: Use Web Scraper Tool to Generate Leads and Analyse Your Competitors

web scrapingYou and I know that if you are about to enter a lucrative niche, it must have been loaded with businesses, trying to grab pieces of cake for themselves. The piece is getting smaller and smaller as many competitive new entrants offer something that existing businesses don’t.

Some will falter, some will thrive – Nothing personal, it’s just business. Talk about stiff competition.

I found out that what you need is actually Web Data Mining Software.

What is web data mining software?

Web data mining is an activity to gather abundant data from a website and process them to gain meaningful information.

Commonly used for business purpose, web data mining software enables you to mine data from various websites and use them to create information you need for your business, in a simpler manner.

One example of such software is Mozenda, that offer web data mining services starting from $49 a month. You can learn more by watching a video of Mozenda software in action.

Web data mining software = web scraper tool?

Yes. Web data mining software is, indeed, a Web Scraper tool.

Web scraping (or harvesting) is basically an activity of extracting content from a target website for various purposes.

I understand that for those of you who are dealing with the Internet and online business on regular basis, “web scraper” sounds an alarm and raises a red flag.

To clarify, although it is often used illegally – to take other’s content and claim it as your very own – web scraping is, by far, the best tool to analyse your competitors, and more.

What web scraper tool can offer for your business

The main purpose is business intelligence – analysing your competitors and competition, enabling you to read them like a book :)

Not only for business intelligence, web scraper tool can be used for other various purposes. Here are some business-related uses of a web scraper tool:

  • Competitive pricing and pricing analysis
    You can easily gather product information of your competitor’s website with point-and-click web data mining software like Mozenda – This enables you to learn your competitors’ pricing strategy, and react accordingly.
  • Market research
    You can gather data from forums’ threads or other sites offering user-generated product reviews to learn what people is saying about your product.
  • Lead Generation
    You can visit yellow page-type of sites or directories and scrape listed contact data from them for a certain term, and use the scraped data as your business leads.

The above uses conclude one thing: Web scraping save time and money to build price lists and lead lists, as well as market research.

I recommend you to find web data mining software that are appropriate for your need. Some do offer trials, such as Mozenda’s 14 days free trial – You can benefit from such offer to see whether what they are offering are beneficial for your business.

Ivan Widjaya
Web data mining
Image by flaivoloka.