How to Get You Entrepreneurial Spirit Back

Revved up entrepreneursWe’ve heard about it before: Entrepreneurs are those who are resilient and always come up with creative ideas.

Not always.

We entrepreneurs could be “infected” by brain-drain virus – On certain times, us entrepreneurs just can’t do things as well as we’ve be able to do on regular basis. You feel tired and worn-out. It’s time to refresh yourself and be ready to raise your bar and challenge things, as usual.

Here’s a few tips to get your entrepreneurial spirit back:

  • Do a bungee jump, drive a racing car, and any other similar activities – Those activities can help you relieve stress and burden entrepreneurship brings you.
  • Leave your business, along with any of your communication gadgets for a short vacation – No phone calls, no emails, no IM. No, your business won’t gone bankrupt if you leave them for a while. Chances are, your business will run well, even better without you (!)
  • Find a new hobby – Try tango dancing even if you don’t like dancing at all – Although seems depressing, doing things you don’t like could bring you new interests and push you to go out of your comfort zone, thus forcing creativity out from you.
  • Offer your expertise to be a consultant or “temporary” executive in a new business – This way, you are exposed to challenges a new business face, something that will remind you why you want to be an entrepreneur in the first place.
  • The extreme: Sell your current business and start a new business.

Bottom line: Get up from your cozy couch and run errands. You can’t get yourself too comfortable with your current situation, as it only brings you to procrastination, which leads to a loss of entrepreneurial passion.

Ivan Widjaya
Getting my @ss off the couch
Image by Anirudh Koul.