How to Receive Free Business Consultancy from The Experts

business mentoringThis blog post might interest you who love to receive free quality business advice as much as I do :)

I agree to this statement: “the best thing in the world is (actually) available for free.”

Take blogging and the blogosphere for instance. Bloggers are known as those who share valuable information, including tips, tricks, ideas, and advices free of charge. Pro-bloggers, such as Darren Rowse and Yaro Starak, offer their blog posts for free (…and the freebies make me the way I am today – 100% support myself and my family from making money online through my web investments.)

If reading blogs are not your thing, how about receiving personal (at least semi-personal), even one-on-one, mentoring and consulting from the business experts for free? Does the idea intrigue you?

Business mentors and experts: They are here to help you

You might not realise, but business mentors and experts are here to stay to help you (genuinely, with a subtle hope that, in return, you use their services and/or purchase their products or at least recommend them to your network of friends, colleagues and relatives.)

According to some business mentors I know, many if not most of their businesses are coming from the people they have helped to achieve personal, professional or business success. So, yes – your success is their testimonial, and your success is what tag the mentors “expert” status, and separate them with the rest of expert wannabes.

The relationship you’ll have with your business mentor is pretty much a win-win relationship: You receive some of the best advices in the business world that can help you make more money and achieve more success, while in return you do more business with the mentors and/or referring them to your network.

The win-win relationship only means one thing for you: Top notch business advices at no (or almost no) cost.

How to receive free business mentoring

From my experience, I have some tips for you on how to receive free business consultancy from the business experts.

Tip #1: Work with a client and shine yourself as professional and honest partner

Work with a client that are expert in his/her field or niche – They are very occupied, but are usually willing to share their stories with the right person – be THAT right person by work professionally and show yourself as a trusted ally. This way, you’ll get the exposure and the best business mentoring of a lifetime (and of course, your business fee.)

Tip #2: Buying from the experts could let you receive more from the money you’ve invested in

Invest in a course or web investment that are owned by the experts – Although this cost money (often a considerable amount), you will receive insider information that, to me, always worth more than the money itself. One advice: don’t take course or buy business from them without building a relationship with them.

Tip #3: Attend free business seminars

To be honest with you, I was avoiding network marketing at all cost because I don’t want to be pitched all the time :) My advice to you today: Don’t. Many successful network marketing businesses offer highly-valuable free business seminars (aimed to attract new prospects, as well as providing top advices to members and prospects alike.)

I started to attend those seminars (although not joining any programs myself) and I agree with Robert Kiyosaki – Those network marketers are some of the most helpful people in the world; They offering much help as they can, while expecting you to join as their affiliate – some in a subtle way, some in a blatant way (I, of course, prefer the former :D)

One last advice: Never stop learning

From the three tips I’ve presented you above, all lead to one last advice: never stop learning.

The business mentors and experts are ready to share their knowledge to you, and from my experience, knowledge liberates me. I work at home, spending time with my family, and make money online (in semi-automatic fashion.) I can be as busy as I want, or as slacker as I want – my decision, my choice, my way of life.

Many thanks to the invaluable advices and personal mentoring by my clients and partners!

Ivan Widjaya
Free business consulting
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