Who would you VOTE for: A Freelancer or a Logo Design Company?

If you are a business owner or about to start a business in the near future, you would either need logo modifications for your existing logo or a complete killer logo for your new business. In any case, you would need a logo designer. Now there are types of logo designer. Some of them work independently as freelancers, while some of them work for different logo design companies. So if you want a logo designer for your project, which logo designer would you choose? The one who works independently as a freelancer or the one who works for a logo design company?

Confused? Don’t be, because in this article, I am going to let you aware of the basic pros and cons of both the types and there won’t be any confusion afterwards.

Pros and Cons of a Freelance Designer

Today, there’s a mushroom growth of online freelance designers to choose from at very low rates as compared to graphic design agencies. However, you need to focus on the fact that it’s the quality and not the quantity that matters in the end. One way to check the credibility of a freelance designer is to visit their website and see their design galleries. Their work would tell you how expert they are in their field and read if there are any client testimonials attached. So here are the pros and cons of a freelancer you should know before you lock one for your logo project.


The following are the advantages of a freelancer:

  • Renowned freelancers are reliable to work with
  • They focus on few projects unlike big design agencies
  • They are cost-effective
  • Minimum turnaround time
  • Can be an expert in logo designing


  • They may disappear for some time, they are less accountable
  • Sometimes low price indicates low quality work
  • You can’t have face to face meetings with your freelance designer
  • One designer means less concepts or similar concepts
  • Your freelancer can be a teenage amateur
  • Credibility is one issue
  • Can use a design template

Pros and Cons of an Online Logo Design Company

Even small businesses have realized the importance of having a unique logo for them, so in order to cater them; many companies have started offering design services online, with a major emphasis on custom logo design services. However, there are so many logo design companies online, that it would get very difficult for you to choose among them. However, you can adopt the same strategy of looking at their design galleries and reading their client testimonials.


Online logo design companies are getting very popular each passing day and a lot many businesses are contacting them to get their logo designed. The reasons are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Expertise in logo designing
  • Professional and accountable
  • Renowned logo design companies are reliable to work with
  • Handle large number of customers
  • Have a battalion of professional logo designers
  • More designers signify more logo concepts
  • More designers indicate broader skill set
  • They are secure to work with. They won’t disappear anywhere
  • Fixed turnaround time
  • 24/7 customer support


  • No face to face meetings with the designers
  • Not suitable for entire branding projects

To conclude it all, I would say, that you as a business owner need to be very sensible in choosing a logo designer for your logo. Selecting an amateur logo designer would waste all your search time, your money, while a professional logo designer would ease the process and would come up with a remarkable logo in the end. Tell me who would you prefer to vote for, a freelance logo designer or a logo designer working in a logo design company and the reason for it? Apart from this, if you have worked with a logo designer for your logo project, share with us the experience in the comments section.