Non-Profit Entrepreneurs: Benefit from Experienced Volunteer Consultants

Non-profit volunteers
Non-profit volunteers
Entrepreneurs starting up non-profits have their own perks.

Many angel investors are allegedly interested in non-profit startups. Moreover, non profit organizations are obviously more favoured by the community than their for-profit counterparts.

Did you know that, adding to those already-huge perks, non-profit entrepreneurs can also benefit from volunteer consultancies, aiming to help them grow their organisations?

What or who is volunteer consultants?

Volunteer consultants are those that aim to offer their expertise voluntarily, either for free or in exchange for a smallish consulting fee.

Let’s take nesc as an example for non-profit consulting service organisations.

National Executive Service Corps (NESC), founded on 1977 and has already helped thousands of non-profits in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, are offering fellow non-profits consultancy to tackle managerial and operational problems, as well as providing guidance on nonprofit strategic planning and business plans formation.

NESC members consist of volunteer consultants – hundreds of former senior executives and seasoned professionals – who offer their expertise on voluntary basis, in exchange for a fee that is only a fraction of their commercial, for-profit counterparts.

How non-profit entrepreneurs can benefit from non-profit consultancy service, such as NESC

The main advantages working with non-profit consultancy organisation are experience, dedication and reasonable fee. So you should rate your potential consulting partner according to those measurements.


Not all non-profit consulting services are offered by experienced consultants. Obviously, you should look for consultants who have strong career background, such as senior executives and seasoned professionals.

You should also seek information on their track records – What is the scale of projects they are handling or have handled? How many clients have they helped?


Are they walking with you hand-in-hand, or just providing advices only?

Some don’t expect their consulting partner to walk them hand-in-hand. This is a wrong mindset. Being charged a reasonably low fee doesn’t mean you should lower your standard.

Expect only the best service – Authoritative non-profit consulting organisations, such as NESC, are dedicated to help you with Action Plan that will instantly transform your non-profit organisations, while makings sure that you take your required steps accordingly.

Reasonable fee

Again, being reasonable doesn’t make a non-profit consulting organisation offering you sub-par services. This benefit is logical – Being non-profit, the primary focus is not money, but reached milestones.

Looking for the right non-profit consulting service, you should contact your local town hall for such service. Alternatively, you can seek referrals from fellow non-profit entrepreneurs, as well as online and off line publications on such services.

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Non-profit consulting
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