Email Marketing Success Story: How a Local Business Aces Recession with Email Newsletter

Email marketing success
Email marketing success
Here is a video that should give you another reason why you should establish a web presence for your brick-and-mortar business. I have also talked about this previously: Please read my blog posts on why you should establish a web presence and how to expose your business website.

From the news video, you can learn that establishing a website alone is not enough. However, incorporating what some called obsolete marketing method, email newsletter, the local business thrives in today’s economic turmoil.

Dave the owner of Dave’s Steak has his eyes fixed on setting up an online presence for his meat shop – He has set up a website for his shop. However, with the recession these days, he has to incorporate his website more, as brochures and flyers need a certain amount of investment, and this is what Dave claimed he don’t have at the moment.

Here is what Dave does: Instead of handling out brochures and flyers, he set up email newsletter system in his shop’s website. To encourage visitors to sign up, he did what I thought was brilliant: He offer free birthday steaks for those who subscribed.

The result is encouraging: There are 2,400 email newsletter subscribers to date. What’s more, with the success in Dave’s email newsletter campaign, along came what every business owner is hoping for: An increase in sales.

Dave’s steak has increased in sales by 15 percent – Thanks to the innovative way to attract new and repeat business. Dave is also claiming that due to this bootstrapping, he increases his business’ profit margin, as well as has built a buzz on Dave’s Steak (including some news coverage, such as the below video), as what Dave does is a new thing for a local business.

To learn more, watch the news video on Dave’s Steak innovative way to ace the recession.

Ivan Widjaya
Email newsletter marketing success story