Online Business Idea: How to Easily Make Money Online as Intermediaries

Intermediary money
Intermediary money
Here is a working and proven idea that you can do as a part-time job or as a small business startup: Be an online intermediaries.

Intermediary, or middle man, is someone or a company that connect buyers and sellers, publishers and advertisers, or clients and service providers.

I know what you were thinking – Internet is said to make intermediary jobs obsolete. The premise is that with the Internet, sellers or providers can directly contact buyers or prospects to do business transactions.

Wrong. So wrong.

In fact, I have proven myself that intermediaries are more alive than ever as the Internet role in business world is growing bigger and bigger. People always need others to help them achieve their endeavours. That’s the basic of human interaction, including in business world.

Some proofs: Online marketplaces, such as eBay, is thriving; Website flipping marketplaces, such as Flippa, is thriving; Advertising networks, such as Adify, is thriving; Affiliate networks, such as Commission Junction, is thriving – They, in essence, are online intermediaries.

Make money online is easier than ever – Thanks to the intermediary role

Make money online is easier than you think. Setting up an online business is a bit more complex, but all in all are not that hard to do.

To the least, here some tips on how to make hundreds of dollar easily through the Internet as intermediaries (Of course, raking in tens of thousands of dollar a month is a totally different story):

  • Buy and sell websites on website flipping marketplace
    Marketplaces, such as, handle dozens of transaction a day. According to stats, 35% of listing in ended up as a successful website sales – That’s quite a high percentage. Consider this tip: Help someone to sell their website – Agree on a price tag and you can have the rest as your profit. How potential is this? You can buy a website from webmaster forums, such as for less than $100, and you can sell it on for more than $200. The key is your good eyes on the website potential and design.
  • Be a service broker
    Again, search forums, such as for those who start the thread as “[WTB]”, “want to buy”, “help needed” or something similar. Then, you can start threads yourself or actively seek for freelancers offering the required services.
  • Start a business powered by freelancers
    Behold – The power of outsourcing! Again, learn what people need and answer by providing professional business services 100% powered with freelancers. There are literally hundreds of freelancers looking for work – Partnering with them and take a certain profit margin for your “management” services are proved to be very lucrative. There are many services you can offer – Do take note on this (shh – It’s a secret!): Three of the most popular so far in my very own observation are Content writing services, SEO/link building services and web/graphic design services. Upcoming: Video creation service for YouTube marketing.

Do you have any business ideas to share? If so, please share by commenting on this blog post :)

Ivan Widjaya
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