is (Finally) Included into Google News Google News inclusion Google News inclusion is finally included in Google News database – all thanks to you, our well-respected readers and business bloggers.

For some small business sites, it was an easy task, but not for We have been rejected a couple of times for inclusion request to Google News, but we certainly won’t give up!

After I have tried for almost a year, I finally manage to get into Google News – all thanks to our committed business bloggers and the readers.

Here’s the confirmation email from Google Team I’ve been waiting for so long:

Hi Ivan,

Thank you for your note.
Great news! This message is to confirm that we’ve reviewed and added your
site to Google News. The inclusion of your articles should be processed
within the next few weeks. Please retain this message and refer to it
should you have any issues with your site in Google News.

One major key in getting included to Google News is multi-authoring. We have 6 active authors (including me) and I think that is the main factor in driving the Google Team to add us into the Google News publisher list.

Hopefully I can get to meet the technical requirements for an inclusion to Google News. We are not included yet, though… Let’s see in the next few weeks, as suggested by the Google Team.

Why I insist to get to Google News blog posts are indeed reachable via Google Blog Search but not on Google News, yet.

Why I insist on getting to Google News? One word: Exposure.

As we all know, when you go to Google homepage, you’ll see News on the top navigation bar, but not Blog Search. Blog Search is a sub-menu that can only be accessed via Google News (unless you directly type in the URL or have the Google Blog Search bookmarked. Google Blog Search is certainly less exposed than the Google News.

Getting to the first page of Google Blog Search results is cool. Showing up in the first page of Google Search is every website owner’s dream. But getting into Google News means laser-targeting traffic and exposure to and presents this little site a fighting chance to go head-to-head with giant news site, such as CNN and BBC News – A great benefit for the site, the business bloggers and the active readers

Google News Search can benefit more than the Google Search itself – Firstly, the news search results can be sorted by date or relevance. It can also be accessed by readers via email alert, feed readers, and many more.

Next milestones: Get’s articles indexed in Google News, and then get into Google Fast Flip that allows users to discover and share news articles, web 2.0-ish-style.

Ivan Widjaya Google News inclusion