How to Brand Your Business Email Communication Like a Pro on a Shoestring Budget

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Small business owners are experts in minimising costs and maximising results. In your business email communications, using the right software can help you boost your sales and business branding on a shoestring budget.

Other than a Webpreneur, I am also a Web and Graphic Designer. I do understand that in order to succeed, small businesses need to brand themselves properly.

Creating poor company logo will destroy your business branding. Setting up a dreadful business website will repel potential customers. Sending out scanned brochures to your customers and prospects via email is bad for your business image. And many other business branding horror stories.

One of the most overlooked things in business branding is email communication. I, like many others, write plain text emails for business communication. Nothing wrong with plain text emails, but in order to enhance your business (or personal) branding, you need to consider more visual help to implement into your emails.

Newsletters, corporate communications, invitations, announcements, invoices, – Creating a design/layout template for each purpose is resource-intensive. Outsourcing could be too much for a tight-budget small business, and do-it-yourself without the help of the right tool can backfire your branding campaign.

For those purposes, I was recommended to use High Impact eMail (the latest is version 5) – an email software that I recommend you to also try (there is a free trial download for you to test the features.)

What is High Impact eMail?

High Impact eMail 5 (HIE5) is basically an email software providing you with easy-to-edit top-design announcements, greetings, business forms, newsletters, and many more – all with no programming or design experience required – to send to your contacts or mailing lists.

high impact email templates
HIE5 templates

To be honest with you, this I was skeptical at first – with $99.95 for HIE5 Professional and $149.95 for HIE5 Premium price tags, this software seemed a bit expensive and not appropriate for tight-budgeted small business. But then, I prove myself wrong – the software rocks!

Big corporations’ look for less

In my opinion, the best feature of HIE5 is the (ultra-)user-friendliness. HIE5 features easy and fast 3-step email communication:

  1. Choose a template from over 1,300 in HIE5 Professional and more than 1,500 in HIE5 Platinum
  2. Edit your chosen template: the texts, the images, the colours – if you are a regular user of Microsoft Word, editing HIE5 templates is a breeze
  3. Send the email to your contacts or mailing lists. That’s it!

With HIE5, you can create and send premium-designed emails for the purposes, such as:

  • Send your branded newsletters to your mailing list
  • Create a professional invoice to send to your clients
  • Send good-looking invitations, memos and notifications to your team members and colleagues
  • Create stationery – calendars, catalogs, greeting cards, business cards, corporate letterheads, etc.
  • Send sales events to your subscribers and customers
  • …and many more.

You can read/download the HIE5 catalog to learn more.

Final words – I genuinely recommend you to use this email software, as I have tried it and it’s indeed saves time and money in template development for your email communication needs.

Special offer for readers

If you decide to buy High Impact eMail 5 through, I have a special offer for you: I will take you by hand to guide you from installation to successfully send your first email using HIE5. That is, after you purchase the email software from this affiliate link of mine, of course ;)

Ivan Widjaya
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