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Online money making
Many people are keen on make money online through various methods, from setting-up e-commerce store to affiliate marketing. Here’s how to help your make money online endeavour a successful one, guaranteed.

People are plunging themselves into online business or Internet marketing, thinking they will make big bucks out of it. Unfortunately, after a short while they have their feet and hands dirty trying to dig some cents out of the Internet, they give up. Indeed, online money making is not as easy as we thought at first, but the good news is, with the right mindset and methods, you can definitely start making real money online.

The biggest formula to make money online failure: giving up

The number one mistake why people fail to make money online is that they give up when they face failures. Some are stop trying after only making 50 cents on months of hard work. Some other quit because they see their online income is not as much as what the expect it to be.

Sure, 50 cents on 6 months of hard work is pain in the a… but giving up after all the hard work is simply ridiculous. Instead of giving up, why don’t you just sit down and start thinking: What have I done wrong with my online money making strategy? What should I learn to get me make some money online?

Here’s something to aid you in keeping yourself in the make money online arena:

From my experience so far, the Internet business and make money online arena are growing rapidly, in such a way that you can make money from almost any ways you can think of.

To make my point, here are some from gazillions of make money online idea:

  • If you are good at writing, you can offer article writing service – this is a well sought after service online. You can also write ebooks to be promoted on ClikBank, the leading digital products marketplace, and recruit affiliates to promote your books (a spoiler: Top players in the ebook (or ecourse) arena can make millions of dollar A MONTH.)
  • If you are good at web design, there are a world of opportunities on the Internet – So many people are in need of websites (or blog sites), and offering your service targeting a specific market (e.g. low cost, low budgeted web design service seekers) can get you some nice amount of money online.
  • If you are good at spotting good opportunities, you can start site flipping business – buy sites, ‘refurbish’ them, and sell them at higher price tags. You can also seek any bargain products online and sell them on online marketplace, such as eBay.
  • …and many more.

The right mindset to make money online

The keys to stay in the make money online arena are: perseverance, resilience, and continuous learning.


Keep on trying, knowing that your effort will be rewarded. If you make $1 this month on Google AdSense, it’s a start – This is how you should think: All people making $1000+ a month from Google AdSense start with $1… and another $1… and another $1… and perseverance will help you do your thing, in such a way that you will surprise yourself you can finally generate $1000+ per month, online.


This is the quality big entrepreneurs are having in common. If you fail, learn from your failure, pick up the pieces and start anew. Rinse and repeat.

Continuous learning

When I fail, I don’t want to fail again on the same stumbling blocks. I have to move on and becoming smarter and wiser. I have to find a way to do things differently, better. This way, I can acquire new knowledge each and every day, and put it into practice days-in and days-out. And before you realise it, you are becoming an expert on make money online subject (and being an expert can bring you more opportunities!)

The right methods to make money online

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, adopting the wrong methods and strategies to make money online won’t make you money. Here are some proven methods that can actually guarantee your success in making money online, and the keyword is: marketing; no marketing means no sales.

Forums marketing

Some online money makers are making a living 100% from forums. They sell their products and offer their services to other forum members, and if you know the tricks-of-the-trade, you’ll end up keeping yourself overwhelmed with orders (this is a fact and I know some who make 1000s of dollar a month serving other forum members.) The key is joining the right forums for what you are offering – e.g. if you are offering web design service, you would want to join web design and/or webmaster forums and start building your online credibility there.

Social media marketing

There are professional Internet marketers actively promoting their services or products on social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. The key in social media marketing is the use of web tools. Marketers use the available web tools – e.g. Scheduled posting for Twitter – doing less while getting more results along the way.

Search engine marketing

Getting your sites on top of the search engine result pages on major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo! means more visitors; more visitors mean more income for you. E.g. ranks #1 from 216 million search results with “small business ideas for 2010” – our single article on that topic is getting us almost 10,000 views (to date) in a month – and more views mean more opportunities for us ;)

There are plenty to explore

What I cover in this article is just a tiny portion of a huge world of making money online. There are experts ready to give you advice, and my advice to you is to listen and learn from to the right experts, otherwise you will lose time and money.

Never believe “no experience and knowledge needed, buy this really simple and automatic system to make you $60,000 a month, guaranteed” or such offer. The only guarantee here is that the creator of the system rakes a lot of money convincing people to buy the course and/or system – they are the one making $60,000.month, not you. You need to learn the game if you want to play well – that’s how the world works. You can enjoy success, but only temporary without proper knowledge. You DON’T want to enjoy temporary success, do you?

Just remember, there is no success without hard work. There are tools to help you get there faster and easier, but still, you need to do your part if you want online success. If you can stick to what’s proven so far and keep learning new things along the way, I guarantee you will start seeing some great results out of your investment in make money online arena.

Good luck in your make money online endeavours.

Ivan Widjaya
Make money online

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