Pass On the Good Deed: Lessons Learned from a Reality TV Series

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Pass on good deed
Lately, my wife and I enjoy watching a documentary or reality TV series titled “Amazing Adventure of a Nobody” on a new local TV channel.

Amazing Adventure of a Nobody is about a ‘nobody’, Leon Logothetis from London, UK (the presenter and the subject of the documentary) trying to make his way in the USA, traveling from Times Square, NY to Hollywood Sign, LA with only $5 a day (couldn’t roll over.) The US-version is actually the first season of the TV series back in 2006 (the 2nd season is in UK with GBP 5 a day and the 3rd one is in Europe with EUR 5 a day.)

Watching TV, for me, is a great learning process (as well as somewhat entertaining – I don’t really enjoy watching TV, actually!) allowing me to discover new aspects of life through the experience of others, regardless the stories presented were true or fiction.

Lessons learned

The Amazing Adventure of a Nobody reality TV series, in my observation, bears a great resemblance with entrepreneurs who are trying to make their mark in the business world.

As a new entrepreneur, you are often at the mercy of others. Leon from the TV series was rejected many times in his effort to find food to eat and place to rest – even doing odd jobs in exchange for food or a place to spend the night is not and easy task. We are, too, often rejected in our effort to get our business start-up off the ground.

Business financing applications were rejected many times. Investors don’t agree with your business plan, and you have to revise it for the 1000th time. Your family member is laughing at your idea in making a widget that you are sure could sell like a hot chocolate on a breezy day. Even you are being critical about yourself and won’t allow life’s lessons to sink in you. The bottom line is, entrepreneurs are facing rejections and resistance on regular basis and it is obviously important for an entrepreneur to learn how to handle rejections and naysayers.

And indeed, the biggest enemy of all is – you.

Pass on the good deed

Leon is practically hoping for someone’s kindness to give him food, a place to spend the night and a lift to get him to his next destination. Frustrated at times, one good deed can really help Leon get through the day. I remembered watching the episode where a man working at a sandwich shop (apparently the owner?) was interested in Leon’s adventure and decided to let Leon makes his own sandwich and take his own drink. Grateful, Leon shared the food to someone he just met a while ago, a fellow adventurer – good deed passed on.

You see, when you have nothing, people being nice to you is probably the most genuine people in the world. If you are Donald Trump, it’s difficult to find real friends – simply because most people are being nice to him, many with intentions to take advantage of him and his money.

If you are a well-seasoned entrepreneur, try to remember the people who were helping you to set your business up and grow it well. Angel investors, business mentors, family and friends – all are important in your early stage being an entrepreneur. You should never, ever, forget them because they are some of the most genuine people in the world. Here’s what you can do: Pass the good deed, instead of returning the favour – because believe it or not, most of them don’t really want you to return their favour.

And to your surprise, the good deed passed on will find its way to return to you somehow.

Ivan Widjaya
Be thankful and pass the good deed