PPI and Mis-sold PPI – you can’t trust the MPs or Bankers

mis-sold ppi
By Danny Chapman

‘It’s all rather grubby’ said Peter Mandelson. No, he is not talking about the state of the British Economy, nor the stance that the Bankers are taking on bonuses or the huge subject of Mis-sold PPI. Mr. Mandelson is talking about the three Labour MPs suspended after their apparent willingness to accept cash for a ‘lobbying firm’. What made me laugh is that they also stung the currently ‘off sick with stress’ MP Margaret Moran – who looked completely fine as she discussed her terms during the sting. Well I suppose £2000 a day soon relieves stress. She too has been suspended by the Labour Party.

Wise words form Martin Bell, the white suit wearing independent MP – “it is if the political class has taken a leave from its senses.” The same thing could be said about the Banking industry, or what I like to call “the tax on an economy industry.”

Making money is easy – but getting into a position to make money is very hard. This is where the problem lies. MPs and Bankers actually believe that they are entitled to act in this way. It seems as if their backgrounds or contacts dictate their ability to act in the disgraceful manner. I can imagine the power trips some of these people must be on. MPs are supposed to create an environment that people and business can flourish. This includes basic things such as Health, Education and Innovation. Bankers initially formed the position where they sit between a buyer and a seller. They should facilitate – not dictate.

The behaviour and what I have seen as a young business man is dividing the nation even further. The poor are paying for the rich and in return the rich are kicking the poor even more. We need a revolution and a new leader. Not David Cameron or Nick Clegg – certainly not the socialist Brown – we need someone with Vision and the ability to slash Whitehall to the ground and start again. Someone needs to step forward.

Anyway, you may be thinking what has this got to do with Mis-sold PPI? Well it has everything to do with Mis-sold PPI. The Government oversees the FSA, who allowed the banks to take advantage of people in the real world. In return, they are weak when dealing with the problem of redress and taking a dose from the banks when they fight back. The banks have too much power and it shows.

If we take Margaret Moran’s £2000 a day fee, you too could get £2000 (not a day I am afraid – you’ll need to become an MP for that) if you have been Mis-sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance). Mis-sold PPI is a subject we know something about, i-Smart Consumer Services is handling 80,000 claims for PPI Claims on loans and credit cards. If you have a loan or credit card and think you have been mis-sold PPI, then you should make your claim today.

Image by Berkeley.