How to Start Building Your Online Business Empire Today

build an online business
Build an empire
Are you ready to make money online? If you answer yes, above all, you must have the right mindset and strategy.

You might have probably try things out – a bit too many that you are starting to feel discouraged. All I can say is – don’t be discouraged. I always believe that you reap what you sow.

I feel I sow too much – when will I reap?

There are two possibilities why you don’t reap what you sow: The lack of persistence and deploying wrong tactics.

The lack of persistence

You need to keep learning and keep trying – if somebody told you that you need a certain level of experience to start your online money making endeavour, that’s BS.

First of all, experience is gained through getting your hands dirty. If you are not starting to use your shovel and pick, you won’t strike any gold. Watching how everybody is doing won’t help you, either – you need to watch, implement what you see, and then you will start seeing result.

Deploying wrong tactics

Sometimes, persistently doing what you did won’t get you anywhere. That’s probably because you are following wrong advices and/or deploying wrong tactics and strategies. You need to revisit your plan (you DO have a plan, don’t you?) to keep track whether what you are doing is not as effective as intended.

The key is to refine the tactics you deploy in making money online. If you are being misled by the so-called experts, keep on learning and finding new experts and mentors to follow. And, you are definitely needed a mentor (or at least some one trustful to follow) – I personally follow Yaro Starak (,) Darren Rowse ( and John Chow (,) and consider them as my mentors. More about what I learn from them later – bear with me.

Build an online business empire… not another job for you

I once boasted myself (in silence, though) on my ability to support my family 100% online. The truth is, all I am doing is creating a full-time job for myself and getting enough money to pay the bills. Nice, but not what I’m looking for.

I have learned from my mentors I mentioned above, that in making money online, you want to own a business, not a job. Why? Because the power of online business and making money online lies in the ability of the Internet to leverage our resources – the fundamental of a real business.

Yaro Starak helps me to understand that when your presence is not needed in your business operations, then you are on your way. Darren Rowse teaches that a newbie can be an A-lister within a few years time. John Chow teaches me that treating my blog like a real business (even incorporate it) can bring in more opportunities. There are more experts’ advices I follow, but those three are the most influential of all.

For instance, the Internet can be our best bud in marketing our products and services – it is safe to assume that the Internet is your 24/7 non-stop marketing tool. You can benefit from the Internet even with no investment whatsoever.

The Internet also helps us with automation – You can set things to work on auto-pilot. All you need is the right tool to get things to run automatically – do this right will give you the viral effect (or buzz, if you will.) What’s the effect of having 100,000 Twitter followers? Fantastic. What’s the effect of having 100,000 people on your mailing list? A dream comes true. What’s the impact of 100,000 readers a month on your blog? Boom.

Let other people do

Here’s a key tip for you to close this article: if you want to build an online business empire, no matter how you do it (build a super-successful online business, creating a group of sites sending $$$ to your pocket, etc.) you need to know one thing: You need to be able to delegate.

If you feel your online business has grown to a point that it is taking over your personal life, start outsourcing some of the work or business functions. If you manage too much blogs and websites, hire a Virtual Assistant or consider outsourcing the day-to-day management. If you think that your blog needs more ‘firepower’ and ready to go to the next level, make it multi-authored by fine bloggers (i.e. If you see your site or online business hits the roof, raise the roof-top through partnership and/or incorporation.

Delegating opens up many opportunities – consider it as an inseparable part to your endeavour in building your very own online business empire.

Ivan Widjaya
Building an online business empire
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