Mis-sold PPI Claims – You Don’t Need to be a Maths Genius to Claim PPI

mis-sold ppi claims
PPI claims
By Danny Chapman

Grigory Perelman, the Russian Maths genius, who refused a $1m prize for solving a maths puzzle, has come under new pressure the accept the prize on offer for such a difficult piece.

Mr Perelman has solved one of the most difficult mathematical problems, the Poincare Conjecture. It has taken several experts years to check his workings out – and they have found no significant flaws. It has been suggested by industry insiders that Mr Perelman is considering trying to unravel the Financial Services Authority’s – The Comparative Redress conundrum. It is not clear at this stage whether he will take on this task.

Mr Perelman was unavailable for comment last night, but it is believed that this will prove a step too far for him. Experts have suggested that the first part of the problem ‘how can a bank rip off a customer and then be allowed to reduce its liabilities?’ requires too much common sense. A maths genius may struggle with such a simple scenario.

Mis-sold PPI Claims may not pay you an average of $1m, but again, it will not take you 5 years to fill in the forms or work it out. An average payout of £2000 could be your if you have ever taken out a PPI Policy – and this can be as quick as 12 weeks for a refund!

Mis-sold PPI claims are rising by the week. Industry experts expect a significant increase in the number of cases the banks and other lenders receive, to double in comparison from last year. This will be helped by the number of Claims Management firms entering the fray. i-Smart Consumer Services are currently getting over £2m per month for their clients back from banks.

Loan PPI and credit card PPI claims are becoming more mainstream as the word of mouth and awareness is increasing due to further media coverage as well as consumer forums and magazines such as Which Magazine. The internet forums and the amounts of financial advice online is helping people made decisions on whether or not to make a claim.

As Mr Perelman mulls over whether or not to accept the money from the Maths Institute, you should too mull over the fact that you may have mis-sold PPI and may be able to take advantage of our PPI claims services. For more information on PPI or to make a claim, then visit www.ppi.co.uk

Image by blumik.