How to Go Green and Save Money with Eco-friendly Online Printing Services

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go green, save money
If you are one of the small business owners who care enough to do things in favour to Mother Nature while finding ways to cut your operating expenses in significant manner, you should consider eco-friendly online printing service.

Your small business printing needs should not be underestimated – the vision to go paperless for some environmentally conscious small business remains, well, just a vision. To be honest with you, I can’t see how a business can go paperless effectively.

For instance, let’s say you did manage to eliminate all printing activities on office – what about your business credit cards? What about the paper receipts from other businesses you deal with – should you scan them?

Bottom line, going green by going paperless can actually waste valuable resources. Isn’t the idea of being green is to reduce waste?

For your small business printing needs, you should consider one service: online printing – or to be more precise, green online printing. Green online printing can help you go green while saving money along the way. How?

  • The online printing companies allow you to make orders online, send your files and have your completed orders delivered to your office – you reduce costs and wastes related to commuting. Many of them even waived the shipping costs when you order surpassed a certain dollar amount – more savings for your business.
  • The eco-conscious online printing companies have environmentally-friendly facilities. They recycle their waste paper into quality paper stock to be reused, helping you with a lower printing cost. They also use soy-based ink so your finished printing orders are, indeed, ‘green.’

To make sure you save money using online printing service, there are a couple of things to consider before you decide to partner with one:

  • Although most online printing company allows you to order in small-batch, it’s better for you to order in large quantity. With a larger batch, you can keep your cost-per-print down while getting more benefits, such as a waived shipping or delivery cost.
  • Make sure you partner with reputable online printing company. Complaints and legal actions are generally more difficult to process compared to the off line counterparts.

If you are eco-conscious and would like to reduce your small business overheads, I recommend you to use green online printing services.

Ivan Widjaya
Eco-friendly printing