Virtual Receptionist Services: Improve Your Small Business Image, Keep Your Costs Low

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If you are familiar with or interested in virtual office concepts, you might be eager to know what remote receptionists can offer you.

Virtual office involves everything from virtual office address to virtual secretary, along with hourly rental office space offered by several companies – it is particularly suitable for small business owners running their business, location-independent. However, if you don’t need location-related services and just want to have an enhanced company image but can’t afford to hire any full-time receptionists, you might want to consider virtual receptionist services.

Virtual receptionist services are essentially services that let you redirect any business calls to a remote receptionist. The virtual receptionist will answer the call with greetings specific to your requirements. Not only answering calls, the off-site receptionist will take messages and forward the call to you or to the appropriate business staffs.

The benefits of partnering with a virtual receptionist service provider

Give the best first impression

The most apparent benefit is your improved small business image. Just admit it – while some small businesses have the privilege to hire on-site receptionists, most of us can’t afford (or not willing) to hire one. Indeed, receptionist’s role is often underrated – Some would think, “Why hire a receptionist if we can hire more marketing staffs?” Unfortunately, unless you answer calls yourself, you need highly qualified receptionists to give the best first impression your business can do. Telephone answering done wrong can lose you business – think about it.

A virtual telephone answering service can make you look good.

Better call handling

Even if you do telephone answering yourself, you need to consider these issues: Are you good with words and how to say things the right way (I know I am not)? Can you focus on being positive and cheerful in answering phone calls when you are buried with tons of things to take care? If you work at home, can you take the call without knowing that it’s a business call, having your children running around, screaming? Will you be able to accept calls and pitch while driving a car (it’s dangerous and illegal, anyway)?

Chances are, you will likely to be in a situation where an assistant, secretary or receptionist can help you in answering calls and taking messages. An outsource receptionist can help you big time here.

Save costs

Let’s be honest now – how many of you think that receptionists are “dispensable” staffs? Some of you would think that hiring a receptionist is wasting money. Some of you might think that although you do need a receptionist, you simply can’t afford to add one to your list of staffs. Well, you DO need one and if you can’t hire an on-site one, consider hiring a virtual secretary or receptionist.

A remote receptionist can save you costs while giving you professional services many on-site receptionists can’t offer you.

A final note

When you do decide to hire a virtual secretary or receptionist, you need to consider partnering with the right virtual receptionist services provider. Choose one with flawless track record. Whenever possible, you should look or ask for free trials – quality service providers will provide you with one, having strong confidence in their service quality.

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