5 Ways To Market Your Freelance Career

Although being a freelancer is not fully a business, you still have to market yourself and your services if you intend to put food on the table with this heavily populated career field. If your still convinced you can do it, here is what you need to know:

1. Personal Website

Freelancers need a personal website to show case their work, the website should also serve as a virtual gallery where you can display your skills via a blog. Contact information and letters of recommendation are vital elements that will pull the site together and give you a professional edge over other freelancers

2. Social Media

Social Media is an excellent way to increase your web presence, the absence of it could be the difference between networking and notworking. With social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, you can reach potential clients using specific keyword and targeting tools. You can also connect with other freelancers, learn from them or perhaps partner with them. Remember with networking online it helps to be a giver, don’t hesitate to share news, tips, and events with your social circle

3. Freelance Marketplace

Obviously you have to create a profile on one — if not all of the freelance market place you can find, most of these sites are already saturated with freelancers; making it difficult to stand out. It’s up to you to be creative and insert you personality into your profile, it also helps to fully complete your profile decorating it with your portfolio samples. And it won’t hurt to treat your clients like Gods, you’ll receive a good review from them every time.

4. Canvas Local Area

Most times it very difficult to score gigs   on the internet, especially for new freelancers. The overly competitive marketplace that exist on the internet does not exist in your local community, take advantage of that; visit businesses in your niche and extend your services to them, let them know you are available if they ever need you.

5. Turn It Into A Business

As freelancers progress and   continually build their portfolios , it’s inevitable that a growth stall might occur. Working extremely hard could be a way to get back on an incline, but joining forces with other freelancers to create a business with a variety of expertise is a sure fire way to do it. With each freelancer bringing in their fair share of resource and talent, success shouldn’t be so hard to attain.

Becoming a professional freelancer is difficult, there will be periods of time where everything seems to be going pear-shaped; remember to stay focused and try not to be discouraged. Patience, as they say, is a virtue.