Google AdSense Revenue Share Revealed

adsense revenue share
AdSense revenue share
I just stumbled on an important update from the official Google AdSense blog regarding Google AdSense revenue shares for their two main products, AdSense for Content and AdSense for Search.

If you incorporate Google AdSense on your sites, you might be wondering how much do you get from advertisers (or how much Google make from their Google AdWord program.)

To cut the chase of the shared percentage, here they are:

You get 68% share from AdSense for Content program and 51% share from AdSense for Search program.

Why would Google reveal this?

As explained by Neal Mohan, Google AdSense’s Product Management Vice President, the revenue shares are revealed “in the spirit of greater transparency with AdSense publishers” – well, it’s about time!

Google advertising program has, indeed, raised quite a few issues. Some accused Google for ‘stealing’ publishers’ cut, while some others did find proofs that Google is setting pay-outs differently from one publisher to another. This ‘transparency campaign’ will surely ‘silence’ some doubters – or is it?

…yet there are more lingering questions need answering

AdSense publishers do need more clarifications, especially on this big question: “Why earning per click is different from one publisher to another (for the same ad)?”

One answer could be concluded from the same update from Google AdSense:

…we continue to improve our technology so that we can deliver even better matched ads and attract even more advertisers to your websites. Additionally, we recently began providing more granular ways to find and review the ads on your site, as well as the ability to filter more ads by category. We’re also focused on finding other ways to make AdSense better for you.

…which could very well explain that the same ad might earn publishers different amount per click, depending on many factors – such as geo-targeting, publisher site’s quality, etc. (just an assumption – need more info on this…)

Nevertheless, this update brings us a better understanding on how Google advertising program works… and how much money can be potentially generated by an online advertising network.

Ivan Widjaya
Google AdSense publisher