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How to make money from your websites?

I was surprised by how easy it was to make my first $100 with a website. Maybe I got a little lucky, but with the third website I tried to build I made $100 within 3 months.

I’ve been doing this for 4 years now, and through trial and error, as well as testing, I have doubled those monthly earnings many times over.

I made my first $100 using Google Adsense. As a matter of fact, it’s where the bulk of my on-line income still comes from. They make it so easy for anyone to get involved with, that it’s a no brainer to tell everyone that asks; “The easiest way to monetize a website is by using Adsense.”

Why Is It Such A Great Option?

For starters, if you can put a picture on your website, you are internet savvy enough to place their ads on your site too.

Using Google Adsense is also such a great option because they will give just about anyone with a website an account, and the opportunity to earn money.

Once you have your account open all you have to do is choose a couple different types of ads that you want to place on your website and where you want to place them.

After that it’s as simple as telling Adsense which ads you want and letting them create a snippet of code for you. Once you have your snippet of code all you have to do is place it in the appropriate place on your website.

Why You Should Try Adsense Before Other Options

I fully encourage you to try other options, but it’s going to be hard to beat the income that Adsense can offer you, especially for beginners.

They have a huge inventory of ads. Between their inventory and their ability to look at your page and place ads on it that are relevant to the content makes them a clear favorite.

You can try other options, but you’re more than likely to come back to Adsense after trying.

So instead of going out and trying to beat Adsense income with some other alternative, start out with Adsense and test some other options on just a couple pages.

A super effective solution like Adsense should always be the bar that you are measuring everyone else against. I’m sure that eventually you’ll find something else that will bring in more income for you, but until then stick with what works. Google Adsense!

About the Author: The author of this article, Lucas Jenkins, has a passion for internet marketing and home improvement. He runs multiple niche websites on the subject and also one site in the general category where he writes on lots of different topics such as kitchen countertops and the impossible to find armstrong carpet tiles.

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