Using Mobile Advertising to Promote Your Small Business Social Media Profiles

mobile ads
Mobile ads

Today, the best way to build a community of fans and brand evangelists is by creating and building your small business brand pages and social media profiles.

Your business profile on Facebook can be a great branding and community building tool. Your business’ Twitter account can help you promote any special offers to your followers; these are some of the most eminent benefits of establishing a social media page and profile for your small business.

Adding a mobile advertising campaign that drive mobile users to join and/or visit your business social profiles can help you tap one of the fastest growing of Internet user type: mobile phone users.

With the ever-presence of web 2.0-ready Apple iPhone, Blackberry, and the likes, getting your ads specifically targeted to mobile phone owners is something worth pondering about.

Some stats

According to one of the latest news on WebProNews and MediaPost, spending on rich media and social ads for mobile is on the rise.

Those articles contain a nice summary of Millennial Media’s U.S. Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (SMART) report for 2010.

Interesting stats from the report:

  • Ads sending mobile users to social media sites are increasing by 50% since Millennial Media track the campaign back in January.
  • Advertisers spend more on Rich Media – 85% increase in May
  • Mobile users spend more time on mobile web – nearly one minute increase from last month, to 5 mins. 3 secs.
  • 77% of the Campaign Destination Mix is from mobile ads.

How to implement mobile ads?

SMS ads are becoming obsolete; rich media ads, such as video and interactive ads, are far more effective and efficient in ads conversion.

That being said, the surest way is to join a mobile advertising network, such as Google Mobile Ads, AdMob (acquired by Google last month,) and Apple’s iAd.

Is it time to go mobile with your small business social media campaign?

The popularity of social media on mobile phones is apparent, eminent and growing exponentially. Along with the fact that social media’s importance in your small business branding strategy is growing rapidly, tapping into the mobile ads arena is a top priority.

All in all, mobile ads can definitely help you grow your business’ ‘fan base’ and ‘evangelists.’ You should consider to prioritise mobile ads into your short-term business plan.

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Ivan Widjaya
Go mobile
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