Small Business Owners: When was the Last Time You Back Up Your Data?

online backup
Online backup
Let’s be honest here – when was the last time you make a backup of your business important data? I did it 6 weeks ago (oops!) and I definitely should do it more often.

But do you know what hinders me doing backup? The hassle and the confusion in doing so.

I have stored tons of backup CDs and DVDs at home before and I’m not really sure until when I should keep them. Now there are solutions available today, online – both free and paid. Still, with plenty of available services trying to win you as a member, things don’t get easier. Too many choices are having the same negative effect as limited choices: You can’t figure out when to do what.

I’m sure there are ways, but things are even more confusing when you try to query the search engines. You will be presented search results that are mainly containing reviews, pitches and promotions, not knowing whether they are genuinely written or even valuable enough to read.

Now, what about if I do have a guide that I’ve read it thoroughly; that I believe it can help you and me a great deal in how to backup your data in effective and efficient manners? Would you consider my recommendation?

The Backup Informer

One of our most recent Business Blogger, Robert Granholm, kindly email me a copy of his ebook, called The Backup Informer. At first, I thought that it is an ebook full of technical how-to. Although my background is IT, I don’t particularly enjoy reading and following advices that are full of jargons and too-much technical.

Rob, an entrepreneur and tech-savvy guy, has surprised me; The Backup Informer has, too, surprised me.

Not that Rob throws all of his extensive IT knowledge into the book; this would make The Backup Informer a technical text book written by an IT expert. Instead, Rob has found a way to put obscure techie stuffs in layman’s terms. In fact, the whole idea of the ebook is to guide you through the unknowns without the need to understand the technical stuffs.

The ebook guide itself is concise and right to the point. Rob promises The Backup Informer to bring you peace of mind, guaranteed satisfaction, simple system and high quality content – all with no tech skills required on your side.

Does Rob deliver his promise? In my opinion: Yes, he does.

The highlight of The Backup Informer is the action guide diagrams. The well laid-out and easy to follow decision paths can help you identify what kind of backup you need, what kind of services to choose, and how to setup things with your chosen services.

the backup informer
The backup informer guide (click to enlarge)

All you need to do is to identify what you need and just follow the decision path that will lead you to the perfect online backup solution, in DIY-style. Why bother hiring a techie to do this stuff for you if you can do it yourself easy?

So, if you want a simple but powerful guide that can help you backup your data with no tech skills required, be sure to visit The Backup Informer official site to learn more.

Ivan Widjaya
Online backup