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order food online

Offering people for better convenience can make a great online business idea. One of such ideas is a site allowing you to order food online from restaurants; a business idea that makes SeamlessWeb a successful business.

SeamlessWeb is one of a prominent example of what a successful online food ordering business can do. It offers customers to conveniently order delivery and takeout meals online.

All you need to do is this: Just enter your street address, apt/suite number and zip code, select a restaurant, order from the menu, and you’re done. Your orders will then be delivered to your address. Better yet, you can pickup your orders, instead and get paid in the process. Smart marketing technique I must say.

SeamlessWeb is now serving 27 cities in US and UK, including New York City, NY, Washington, DC and London, UK (in fact the only location in the UK at the moment.)

Small business benefits presented by SeamlessWeb

By having employees to order online, both the business and the employees can cut costs and increase productivity. Businesses can create a business account with SeamlessWeb to enjoy some of the perks that include group orders, on-site dining and many more – all can help you to save costs.

Even to bring more benefits for businesses, SeamlessWeb has just launched a mobile app, allowing you to order via your smartphones – iPhone, Blackberry and Android (coming soon) – check out the info here.

What makes order food online a great online business idea

As I mentioned above, it offers convenience and to a certain extent, solve business problems. Delivery services have always been friends to businesses and their employees, and adding an online presence that can help you order meals on a list of restaurants can only make a great business idea.

Ivan Widjaya
Order food online business