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free business resource
Free business resource
If you are interested to enter the online business and make money online arena, many suggests that you should buy eBooks that can teach you how to do them. If you are ready to go frugal, I can show you how to learn about those for free. Here’s how.

I used to buy eBooks from Clickbank and e-Junkie. I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on resources to learn about online business, internet marketing and make money online. I have to say, what a waste of money.

Not that the eBooks are useless; I was just like all the other newbies – I crave for “secret” or “insider” information offered by the Internet marketing experts and gurus. Some of the eBooks I’ve bought are good, but not stellar. To say the least, I feel that what’s pitched in the sales letters are a bit too much compared to the reality.

I’m not saying the gurus are lying – I myself follow closely some top gurus; all I can say is that the gurus are making money because they have a network of JV (joint venture) / partners, which could very well also consisting of some gurus. The gurus are good in what they are doing and they are great in selling what they know.

Let’s take Clickbank for example – there are plenty of eBooks that have high gravity – a Clickbank way to measure the resources’ popularity. Let’s be logical here: If you have a network of partners that includes other gurus, wouldn’t it make sense that the products sell like candies? Getting endorsed by well-known people in your industry can only boost your business.

Now, I came to a conclusion that the gurus, somehow, are having a knack in distilling information from information sources and their own experience, add value to it, and package it into great products. This could only mean one thing for us: We can learn from the same free source – the key is knowing where to find such information.

If you are thinking about buying eBooks, let’s stop for a moment – don’t buy any eBooks just yet. Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on what seemingly stellar resources, you must first find ways to get the resources for free – the legitimate way. And believe it or not, most of the resources are, indeed, free. Just Google them!

To get you started, here are some resources I recommend you that are available for free:

1. Forums threads

DigitalPoint Forums and Warrior Forum are two of all forums I recommend if you want to learn about online business, internet marketing and make money online.

Search the threads carefully – there are forum members who generously share what they know. Just beware, there are also those who lie about what they know (some do lie – for some reasons I can’t understand…)

But, no worries – it’s easy to spot lies – just find threads that have plenty of replies, and read the replies thoroughly – you’ll see that when the thread seems fishy, other members can spot it and inform other members to take a great caution regarding the writer. This is the power of forums you don’t get in any eBooks.

2. Gurus’ free eBooks

Believe it or not, I often find some gurus’ free eBooks to be more useful than the eBooks I buy for $50 or more. The gurus release their eBooks for some purposes, mainly for building list (you are required to enter your name and email address to access the eBook) and cross-promotional purposes. Nevertheless, the quality of the free eBooks is top notch – just make sure you follow the right gurus.

Here are some to recommend, especially if you are into blogging:

3. Blog posts and articles

Bloggers are known to share useful insights without asking something in return. I personally learn a lot from Yaro Starak’s regarding how to build make money online and build a sustainable online business.

I also often visit for inspiration, because’s Expert Guides are often answering readers questions based on their experience – this is valuable.

If you really need to spend your money on any resources…

When you couldn’t find what you want, then you might want to buy eBooks. But before you decide to do so, please consider one more resource – membership programs.

In my opinion, membership programs are better than eBooks because they usually have forums in which the mentors and members can share ideas on what’s working and what’s not.

Any thoughts? Please share yours by commenting to this article.

Ivan Widjaya
Free resources are everywhere – find them!

Ivan Widjaya

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