How to Get Your Startup Recognized

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Get recognized!
So you have the right niche, the right product or service, and the right team. Now, you just need to get the word out. More importantly, you need your site to stand out from the rest and get some distinction and recognition. Here are some options for getting the right eyes to look at your site.

Press coverage/Press releases – You can send press releases to all the online publishing websites that carry news on topics of your content. This lets the publishers know you are out there as well as all of their readers that see what is printed about your new website. There are some press release services that are free such as PRFree, and others (with broader coverage), that can charge over one hundred dollars like PRWeb. To get your startup recognized, it is worth it to get a press release.

Guest Blogging – There is no substitute for putting your ideas out into the world. That is the only way people will become attracted to what you have to offer, and what better way to get new people to recognize you than to guest blog for another site. You would be surprised at how easily this can be done by simply requesting an exchange of blogging opportunities. If you already have a blog, another blog owner would be happy to publish a blog post in exchange for one in the other direction.

Submit to startup recognition sites – Sites like will give your business some exposure in a positive way. These sites will take several startups every day, summarize them and subject them to a popular vote. The site with the most votes at the end of the month wins a cool e-ribbon that can add to the prestige of your site.

Hopefully these ideas get you thinking of ways to get your startup recognized. It is not an easy road to travel, but with these tools, it can be somewhat easier.