Online Business Idea: Custom Travel Guides Sharing Site

custom travel guide
Create your own travel guide
Personalisation is the key in online business. That’s why Facebook, Twitter and the likes are capitalising on – your social media profiles on those social sites loudly shout YOU. This social characteristic is what propel, a Norwegian-based travel site, to offer a unique social platform allowing you to create a custom travel guide and use it for yourself or share it with others; you can also browse custom travel guides created by others and book hotels online.

Featured on, users can start creating their own travel guides by following these simple steps:

  1. Enter the destination city.
  2. Browse the attractions and places of interest, and choose “Add to Guide.”
  3. When you have finished adding items, click “View Guide.”
  4. You can enter some details – guide name, some description, etc.
  5. Preview and/or download your guide.

That’s it! You’ll receive a well-laid-out pocket-size guide along with corresponding map and the attractions’ details.

london travel guide example Travel Guide Example

How to profit from travel guides sharing site offers the guide creation service free of charge. How can it support the business operations and make profits?

The information sourced from large travel sites, such as TripAdvisor, and made available to you for free. However, the real profit making is actually the hotel booking. You can add hotels to stay to the guide, and when guide viewers decide to learn more or book a hotel on the guide, will get a commission.

The commission will depend on which partner is working with – it could be per-booking commission or per-click commission. blends the hotel booking into the guides well – they deserve to receive kudos in embedding offers seamlessly to their free guide creating service.

The monetisation methods should not stop there. could open a B2B channel for interested business to advertise on the guides. could also implement freemium marketing method – guide makers could be presented with options to go premium, accessing features available only to paying members. This can be custom design the travel guides, embedding logo and contact details on the travel guides, and many other venues.

Again, in online entrepreneurship, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel: Take a conventional business idea, add social features to them, including personalisation, and you can have a good chance of success.

Ivan Widjaya
Custom travel guides creation