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You can grab the best thing in life often for free. In terms of forex education, you can also learn to trade from a wealth of very useful information available for free – quality blogs, online magazines and other online resources are known for the generosity in offering great advice and quality tips for free.

If you are like me, you would seek free resources available online – why invest thousands of dollars when you can often get the best education for free? All you need to do is to search the web, read reviews and follow the right recommendations.

Recommended resources

I enjoy guided surf on the Internet. Beating around the bush just don’t work in my case – that’s why I only follow recommendations; that’s why I don’t search “forex education” on Google; Instead, I search for “forex education recommendation.”

Of all forex education sites I’ve been visited so far, there are some that stand out. Here’s one of the sites showing you why free resources rock: Nial Fuller’s Learn To Trade The Market.

First thing first: Who is Nial Fuller? Well, he is a full time currency trader who owns Price Action Forex Trading Community, who will teach you how to trade using advanced price action forex strategies.

His site is one of the most popular forex trading blogs, offering a wealth of forex trading information, including forex trading articles and strategies. Not only articles, you can also watch Nial’s free forex market commentary videos that are posted on regular basis. The tutorial videos are great – just check this out to give you an idea or two:

Nial Fuller implements free premium strategy: Not only free forex education, he also offers paid forex trading course, teaching you to master the price action strategies – something that can’t just be given away (it’s a “trade secret,” after all.)

If you are just scratching the forex trading’s surface like me, the free resources are more than you could asked for in a forex trading education site. When you are ready to take your forex trading endeavour a step forward, you might want to consider the paid forex education – Nial’s premium paid forex trading course is a good investment, indeed.

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