Business Book Review: Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur

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Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur by Kevin C. Maki
I was recommended a while ago regarding Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur book written by Kevin C. Maki, but I just got a chance to read it today. My opinion: If you want to extrapolate your entrepreneurial success, you should read, re-read, and refer to this book during your entrepreneurial journey.

The 313-page book is a knowledge powerhouse; you nearly believe you read a textbook, but it’s a way much more interesting read.

The book is about success and how to achieve it as a small business owner. The topics covered range from marketing to business management, and contains practical tips and ideas that can instantly help you and your business to be better.

It’s probably safe to say that the book is a compendium of Kevin’s personal experience as a business owner and manager, along with over 25 years of being a life student, witnessing entrepreneurs’ successes and failures and take lessons from them.

What’s inside

The book contains 20 Chapters of knowledge. My favourite, of course, is Chapter 4 – it’s all about the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule – the rule that I heavily implement in my personal and business life (read my article on how to increase your productivity by 500 percent.)

Kevin explains the implementation of the 80/20 rules in staff, customers/clients, products/services, and time management. It’s an inspiring chapter, indeed.

My next favourite chapters would be those with ideas, especially Chapter 6 (sales/marketing ideas), 12 (ideas from Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway) and – of course – Chapter 20 (ideas from the previous 19 chapters.)

This book is a long read – so I recommend you to skim through the 19 chapters and focus on Chapter 20. The last chapter revisits the ideas presented in the previous 19 chapters; it contains checklists of ideas – very valuable resources, indeed.

Whenever you are ready, then you might want to start reading from Chapter 1 for more details on what you read on Chapter 20.

The verdict

I highly recommend Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur if you want to really learn about how to succeed as an entrepreneur and business owners.

The book content might not be revolutionary, but entrepreneurial success is not about being revolutionary (and cutting edge); it’s about learning what’s important (and what’s right) and practice what you learn in persistent manner.

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Ivan Widjaya
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