Working at Home? You Should Take a Closer Look at Your Home Security – Some Tips

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Secure your home office well

If you are like me, you would enjoy working at home. With all the perks that you have – flexible working hours, being close with your family, no commuting, reduced business expenses and many other benefits – you simply can’t complain. However, I – and I know some of you do – often overlook one thing: Your home security.

Of course, you must take care of your home security. But with an office setup in your home, you need to be extra-cautious when it comes to securing your important business documents. Break-ins are not only causing you to lose your personal belongings, but also your business assets.

Here are some other reasons why you should take a closer look at your home security – here are some stats from home security system reviews site to give you something to think about:

  • 77% of crime was property-related.
  • Nearly 17% of crime domiciles were violated by a burglar.
  • 85% of all burglaries gain the offenders entry into the property.

Pretty worrying, indeed, but it is said in the site that 90% of all burglaries are actually preventable. So as a business owner and home owner, you need to do something to minimise your risks of burglary, as it’s actually achievable and attainable. Here are some tips to help you securing your home better:

1. Avoid regular routines and letting strangers know your schedule

This is not easy, especially if you are taking your kids to school or meeting a client fairly at the same time, but you should do your best to avoid going out at specific times on daily basis – try to vary your times in going out from and getting back to your home. When you are traveling a lot, be sure to keep your travel time a secret. The key is to make your daily schedule unpredictable at best.

2. Install good lighting

Burglars work in the dark. When your home is well lit, the chances of breaking in can be minimised. Use spotlights or floodlights on corners and hidden locations of your home. The idea is to limit spaces for burglars to hide.

3. Talk with your neighbours and local public services

You could arrange with your neighbours to keep an eye on each other property. You could also let your local public services when you will not be around for quite a long time, either for business travel or vacationing.

4. Modify your windows and doors

It’s easier than you think to secure your windows and doors: Use a steel rod. The idea is to make it difficult for the windows or doors to be opened from outside.

5. Check your locks

Replace your rusty and worn locks with new ones. Plus, regular locks won’t protect you well against break-ins. Consider using deadlocks – they might not look that pleasant, but your home security is all that matters.

6. Install alarm system

Alarms are noise makers, and burglars obviously hate noises. Install an alarm system in your house, and be sure to use a good and trusted system only. Look for alarm system reviews to consider your options.

7. Seek advice from your local police

Your local police department and other public services can help you with tips and advice to secure your home better – they are well experienced, after all.

Protect your business, home and family better – don’t take home security lightly, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ivan Widjaya
Home business security