Small Business Web Service: Digitize and Organize Your Receipts and Paper Documents

shoeboxed web tool
This is a blog post by Fabian Jahr, Marketing/Sales Department

In our world today, paper is becoming gradually obsolete. We send letters via email, read books on Kindles and check the news on our phones. But the business world has not completely adjusted to this new paperless norm. In particular, receipts and business cards remain a mainstay of 21st century business. Physically handling such important paper documents is inefficient, time-consuming and at odds with technology. Moreover, locating individual receipts for tax purposes or organizing dozens of business cards after a networking event can be a big problem. is a service catered towards small business owners, business travelers, bookkeepers, and sales managers who have to deal with receipts and business cards for taxes, bookkeeping, and contact management. For a low fee, Shoeboxed takes your receipts, business cards, and all other important paper documents, and digitizes and organizes them online. Here’s how Shoeboxed works:

1) Send your documents to Shoeboxed via postage-paid envelopes or snap photos of receipts and business cards with any smartphone camera while you’re on the go (iPhone app available).

shoeboxed iphone app
Shoeboxed iPhone App

2)  Shoeboxed scans your documents, extracts the data from each page, and organizes everything into a secure, user-friendly online account. All data is human-verified by trained localShoeboxed employees to ensure accuracy.

shoeboxed data extract
Shoeboxed data extract

3)  Once everything is processed into your account, you can organize your information any way you want, print it, download it, email it, or share it via PDF, Excel, Quicken, Google Contacts, Salesforce, Evernote,, Outlook, BatchBook, Constant Contact, AddressBook and many more. In addition, your receipts are accepted by the IRS for auditing and bookkeeping purposes.

shoeboxed admin panel
Shoeboxed back end

Shoeboxed offers a 30 day free trial for those interested. Please visit for details.