Go Location Independent and be more Productive with Teambox Project Collaboration Software

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Owning a business that is run by telecommuters? Running an online business that does projects with a network of freelancers and outsourcing partners worldwide? Want to collaborate with your team while doing your mini-retirement in Bali, Indonesia?

If you are a business owner that is living large by going location independent – running your business in any parts of the world – you need a web-based project collaboration software that can help you manage projects, manage your team, and have your clients get involved in the projects in one place.

One of such online collaboration tool is Teambox.

What is Teambox?

Teambox allows you to collaborate with your stakeholders, as well as accessing a helpful community in which you can discuss on how to use Teambox’ services to better your business, including community project collaboration and solving the Teambox features implementation issues to existing business site.

Please watch this video to see how Teambox can help you collaborate better:

How Teambox can help you to be more productive and go location independent

The best thing of a project software allowing people to collaborate on a single platform is the minimised distractions.

Emails, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, online TV – all are contributing to productivity problems.

Having a single meeting place to communicate in project management reduces the distractions and time-loss in getting messages across the team. Milestones can be achieved better, and you could also have your projects completed before the target completion date, leaving you with room to either take on other projects or even procrastinate a bit – the options are yours; it’s your call.

What’s more, having a web-based project management tool to take care projects allowing you and your team to work wherever you and your team want – at home, at coffee shop or at vacation spot; again, the options are yours.

How to get started

Visiting Teambox.com, you will learn that you can sign-up and get up to 3 free projects with full features to see whether Teambox can help your business.

When you have decided that Teambox can serve your business well, you might want to use their services more – ranging from Personal plan that only cost you $12/month for up to 6 projects, to Corporate plan that cost you $299/month for up to 2,000 projects.

If you want more flexibility than simply visiting Teambox to access the collaboration tool, you might want to know that you can integrate Teambox web apps with almost anything: Accessing it using mobile phones, run it on your desktop, and others with the use of Teambox API.

Please visit Teambox to learn more.

Ivan Widjaya
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