RockMelt Browser: THE Web Browser for Entrepreneurs Embracing the Social Media

rockmelt browser
RockMelt - web browser for social media-savvy business owner
Today is the official launch of RockMelt, the limited beta version. It is a “new browser designed around you” as stated in RockMelt’s first and the latest blog update. Small business owners and entrepreneurs: Get a taste of RockMelt now – beware, it will enhance, even hack your social media activities.

To get an early access, you are asked to connect with them via Facebook Connect – a smart strategy to both grow their Facebook fans and likes, as well as getting early birds to satisfy their thirst for social-enabled web browser. However, if you are uncomfortable with some bugs and anomalies, I suggest you to wait for the official release.

Watch this RockMelt’s intro video to learn what you can do with the browser:

One word: Wow. This is it. If you think Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are Web 2.0 or social media-friendly browser, think again. RockMelt is not only a web browser – it is a social browser.

Why RockMelt is potentially the best web browser for small business owners

If RockMelt is successfully getting thumb-ups – along with recommendations and feedback – during the limited beta release and better the browser before the official release, it is probably the best web browser for you, for some reason: RockMelt directly integrates Twitter and Facebook in it.

List of Facebook friends on the left hand side; Your Twitter updates and other sites’ RSS feeds on the right hand side, updated in real-time – both can help you safe some clicks in your social networking and communication endeavours.

Searching the web can also be done faster and easier. Just type in your search terms in RockMelt very-own search box, and you’ll be presented with search results in drop-down “window” without taking you to search engines, such as Google. Just click on the page you are interested in, and it will be displayed directly in the main RockMelt browser window.

Want to share your findings to your colleagues and friends? Just click on the page displayed on main screen, click share and there you go; you can also click on one of your Facebook friends on the left bar and share the page you are currently viewing.

You can do the above for many purposes, including pitching your potential clients with what you find on the web, or simply making your point to them to win their business. Cool?

It’s no secret that if you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need to embed and/or integrate social media into your business. RockMelt browser can help you becoming more productive – or simply making your life easier by making web browsing, web searching and go social in one go, seamlessly.

If you are interested, you might want to receive updates from RockMelt via their Twitter and Facebook account.

Ivan Widjaya
New RockMelt fan