10 Great Ideas for Budding Entrepreneurs

small business ideas
Small business ideas
One of the pertinent things I said in my last post was that… in most small businesses the owner is the brand. Here are some of the best small business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs where the owner is so synonymous with the venture that he/she is the “brand.”

Image Consultants

Considering the general obsession with appearances the business of looking good and feeling good is turning in to a lucrative business opportunity. Be it hair, makeup or footwear helping other people choose what they should wear is serious business. Some minimum investment in an image consultancy course and a genuine interest in helping people find that perfect look is all you need to turn your dream of running your own image consultancy in to reality.

Personal Shoppers

Get paid to shop? Yes.people get paid to shop for others.that’s what personal shoppers do. Catering to a niche market comprising of high profile business owners, managers, head honchos at leading corporations, personal shoppers are hired by people who have the money and want to wear the best (most times have their own distinct style) but don’t have the time to go shopping. If you love to shop, then garnering information about the best places to buy various items of clothing, footwear and accessories and an eye for detail is all you need to turn in to a much sought after personal shopper.

Life Coaches

Most people today, whether they are successful or unsuccessful are looking for answers to various questions that life throws up. Some grapple with low self esteem, others with a horrible boss or a bad marriage and many of them are looking for someone to turn to for advice. So if you are a good listener and are capable of giving sound, practical advice then becoming a life coach is a good idea. People are willing to pay you for your time and your ability to listen and guide.what better qualities for a brand?

Fitness Consultants

Again another business opportunity from the “look good, feel good” bandwagon.a background in fitness training and certification is required though. If you think celebrities are the only people who hire fitness consultants you are mistaken. Upwardly mobile executives, new mothers, bored housewives, aspiring entrants in to tinsel town and very frankly anyone who wants to be physically fit realize the perks of a personal trainer who will work on fitness levels on a person to person basis.


Having a skill (any skill) is a great resource. Ever since the recession re-skilling has become the order of the day. Be it cooking, baking, public speaking, painting, playing a musical instrument, public speaking, business etiquettes.people are willing to learn all these things and many more. If you can compile some resource material on your area of expertise then training people in person or virtually is a viable business opportunity.

Wedding Planners

Weddings are getting bigger and better.destination weddings, theme weddings, grandiose weddings are just some types of weddings that are taking place everywhere. With more people willing to experiment and even a number of people wanting to have an entire wedding all over again just to renew their vows.the business of planning weddings is growing bigger. Needed… organizational ability, people skills, creativity and strategic partnerships and you can work out of your home too.

Art Dealers

Art is growing in to a lucrative investment for people from all walks of life. Of course dealing in art requires some amount of passion and knowledge about art. Vending local arts and crafts abroad is another option or running an art gallery or a website devoted to art could perhaps be other options worth considering?


With rising environmental concerns across the globe, the opportunities for “green” businesses are many. Help people to lead lives by reducing their carbon footprints, reusing and recycling products through organic foods, organic clothing, green construction, green energy solutions and the like.

Custom Made Products

There is truly nothing like the allure and prestige of owning a one-of-a-kind product. The custom made business though briefly over shadowed by mass produced goods is now emerging as a niche area all over again that too with renewed vigor. Who wants a regular suitcase from a luggage store when you can choose your own leather, lining, pattern, accessories and trimmings with your own name on your bag?

More and more people are willing to pay the price for exclusivity so what are you waiting for? If you have an idea for a limited edition line of products and services, believe me there will be takers!


Or critics as they are more commonly known are people who will review just about anything from a store, a film, a restaurant, an airline, a hotel to anything people want reviewed. The perks… travel that is paid for, free use of the product/service that you are reviewing, the opportunity to take a closer look at various ventures and to meet people from all walks of life and a price for your valued opinion.

All these small business ideas will give you the owner the opportunity to establish yourself as a brand. What better way to stamp your work with your very own signature style?

Image by Felipe T. Marques.