10 Brand Names That Sell & Why

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5 Reasons Why Your Brand Name Can Make or Break Your Business“, one of my earlier posts this month was about getting your brand name right. In this post I am featuring 10 brand names that sell. Here is why I think they sell…


Venturing in to the nascent business of gifting in India, WittyGift was born out of a desire to create a gift that combines originality with unforgettable moments. Their travels across the world made founders Samuel Ziza & Manvinder Kohli realize that India had very few avenues for gifting experiences. Their sterling qualities? Nothing but the best in terms of value, brands, packaging while reflecting traditional Indian gifting values.

Sweet Chariot

This is the first among the three baked goodies stores that this post features. The Sweet Chariot is located in Koregaon Park, an up market area in Pune city, India it is the one stop store for sweets, savories, pastries, cheesecakes and the like. What I like about the name is…it has an element of magic…a chariot (a two wheeled vehicle drawn by horses, not really an element of modern urban life) laden with sweets. In a way the name stands for everything the store has to offer.

Just Baked

This is another baked goodies store from Pune that is known for its sinfully rich cakes, pastries and desserts. “Just Baked”, the name is enough for people to visualize freshly baked goodies; straight from the oven…some like me can even take in the aroma of “just baked” products.

Baker’s Basket

Baker’s Basket is a chain of bakery, patisserie and confectionary stores and recipient of The Times Food Award 2007. The Baker’s Basket brand is over two decades old and is known for quality and variety across Pune city. Offering fresh cream pastries and savories in 18 different categories such as rolls, kathis, burgers, puffs, pizzas, salads, tarts, pies, desserts, chocolates and various types of cakes this is one “basket” that has a lot that one can dig in to.

The Green Stove

“The Green Stove” is a venture that caters to the niche truly vegan market that steers clear of dairy products like milk, cream, yogurt and cheese. Peanut or almond milk instead of cow’s milk and tofu instead of regular cheese are just some innovative inclusions that this venture makes to churn out “truly vegan fare” that doesn’t compromise on taste or quality. The name says it all… “Green fare off the stove”.

Masala Trails

Masala Trails was born out of Rushina M. Ghildiyal’s passion for food and travel. It is a venture that takes foodies on spicy road trips on roads less traveled (read eaten) in India. Ghildiyal, a gastronomy columnist, book author, writer and content consultant and her sister, Himanshi, director of a travel company joined hands to let people culinary experiences off the “eaten” track – The USP? All travels are off the beaten track!


Marrying art with the sun and sand that a holiday in Goa is known for Artescape is unique as an endeavor that makes chilling out a learn by doing experience. A holiday resort where guests can try their hand at painting and pottery with all the trimmings thrown in…the result? A vacation with an artistic twist! An artsy escape from your routine, just thing for people who are looking for a “different” holiday experience!


An art gallery located in Pune, Art2Day is all about featuring art as it is today. Since its establishment, the gallery has become synonymous with the art scene in Pune city otherwise known as an educational hub. The founders, Priyamvada and Sanjeev Pawar not only showcase works by established and amateur artists but also offer hands on art workshops in various genres.

The Hungry Fish

The Hungry Fish, social media consultancy firm that thrives on “food for thought”, their name signifies hunger for new ideas, discussions, reviews and challenges in branding, advertising and positioning. The name is funky, cool and definitely “out of the box”.

Hide Out

Hide Out, an organic farm, located a 100 km north of Mumbai in Thane district, is a farmhouse, which promises an experience of rural living in an organic set up. What sets it apart from most eco farm set ups is that there is nothing like a fixed itinerary for visitors here. The perfect getaway (read hide out) visitors can participate in any or every activity or simply amble around the farm or just do nothing.

Wondering about how to coin a great brand name? That’s up next…