How Businesses Can Earn More Frequent Flyer Points

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Business Travel
Expenses can add up quickly, no matter what kind they are. Fortunately, businesses can recoup some of their expenses by building frequent flyer points. If they are savvy about it, they can maximise their frequent flyer points to get the best benefits possible. Therefore, it is essential to take time to learn how businesses can earn more frequent flyer points.

Maximise Mileage Earnings

One of the quickest ways to build frequent flyer points is to fly. This is due to the fact that points are earned by the number of miles flown. Typically, this can be taken a step further if you want to maximise your mileage earnings. For instance, you might want to choose a first or business class flight because they usually give you more points. Another thing to consider is flying on promotional flights whenever possible since these are also a great way to build additional frequent flyer points.

Apply For a Credit Card

Besides flying, making purchases with a credit card is also a great way to rack up miles. You can get a card from the bank, or even from airlines. Either option can earn you mileage points, but you will likely get more per dollar if you choose a credit card from the airlines. When applying for one, make sure to choose wisely. You will want to analyse what each company offers so you can find one that offers the most awards. Keep an eye out because some even have lucrative signing bonuses. For instance, you can receive thousands of miles just for signing up for the card.

Rent a Car

Another great way to earn more frequent flyer points is by renting a car. If you are traveling a lot for business, consider using a car rental place such as Hertz, Budget, Thrifty or Avis. Oftentimes, car rental places are affiliated with airlines and will give you frequent flyer miles just for using their business. The best way to go about this is to check with the rental services to see what their policies are.

Check for Promotions

Sometimes promotions are the best way to earn more frequent flyer points. A good way to learn about promotions is through the airlines’ newsletters. At many airlines’, you can sign up to be emailed about special promotions that are taking place. These are good to take advantage of because they often double or triple your points. Not only that, but they can even give information on how you can earn additional points with the airlines’ partners.

Enroll in a Rewards Network

A rewards network allows you to enroll a credit card into the system. Once this is done, you can earn points for eating at certain restaurants, going to bars or staying at certain hotels. The rewards network that you enroll in will have a list of participating corporations. For instance, there might be a specific hotel chain that offers frequent flyer points for guests that stay at their hotel. This way, you automatically receive miles every time you use your credit card at the participating businesses.

Make Reservations Online

This is another great trick for businesses to earn more frequent flyer points. There are many occasions that airlines’ will reward you for conducting business online. If you make your reservations through the internet, you can earn additional points. This is due to the fact that airlines’ love when customers use their website to purchase tickets rather than a third-party website.

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