Successful Entrepreneurs should have Happy Family

quality time
Quality time
This blog post is about family and its role in your success in entrepreneurship. I wrote this blog post because I feel that I have heard too many stories of entrepreneurs who – although being successful career-wise – are failing to maintain a happy family. If you care about the one you love and the entire of your entrepreneurial journey, you should read this blog post.

Most of the stories I have heard evolves around the inability to build relationship with his/her spouse, kids and family members due to lack of time – all “thanks” to entrepreneurship and the inability to achieve work-life balance.

Indeed, no matter how positive successful business can bring to you, you WILL need to sacrifice something. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs sacrificing what’s actually more important: Quality time with their family members.

Many say to their family members, “I need to get this business successful first; once we are there, then we can have all the time in the world to enjoy our success.”

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs don’t get “there.” Your successful business can trap you inside; indeed, the more you are successful, the more you will be trapped in your business – IF you establish your business the wrong way.

The wrong way? Well, many want to have a successful business and then retire to the beach. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs spend working 18 hours a day to build a successful business while leaving 6 hours in a day to… sleep?

What about quality time? No time for quality time? Then what’s your purpose in entrepreneurship? To be successful ON YOUR OWN or WITH YOUR FAMILY? Many start with the latter in mind, but finish with the former in reality.

What’s more, only a few does achieve the “retire to the beach” goal, while even a smaller number of entrepreneurs who retire to the beach AND live a wonderful life with their family.

It’s a pity really. Entrepreneurship brings so much to the table, offering 1001 opportunities to grab allowing you to have a wealthy life in every sense, including a wealthy relationship. To be honest, you and I are the one to blame if anything goes wrong with your family – not your business or job.

As an entrepreneur, your success is not measured only by money and business success; you are responsible in creating a business that can offer new job opportunities to others, giving back to the community, setting examples to everyone (how’s your work ethics, how’s your personal life, etc.)

Indeed, entrepreneurship is a demanding career path with humongous reward – if your walk the path right. One word of advice: Start your entrepreneurship journey by prioritising your family. Never say, “I’m doing this for you guys; I need to work 18 hours a day, 24/7 to achieve what we want.” Because the reality is, working 18 hours a day 24/7 can only ruin your relationship (or at least significantly lower your relationship quality); relationship needs to be nurtured with quality time – no time, no relationship. Period.

Successful entrepreneurs should have happy family – otherwise none of your success matters.

Ivan Widjaya
I might not be a millionaire, but I have plenty of quality time with my family (and I always want more)