Small Business Idea: CarWoo! Lets Car Dealers Compete for Your Business

Successful small business is often achieved because a need is met. In this case, CarWoo! answers car buyers’ need well; no wonder they are successful.

Honestly, I’ve stumbled on CarWoo! website not because I am looking for a car or something; it’s a coincidence, indeed. However, within 5 seconds I was drawn into the site to learn more about what’s on offer.

CarWoo! answers a need

CarWoo! offers an innovative way to buy a new car. Traditionally, when you are going to buy a new car, you will go to a dealer, could be online or off line, and start haggling for the best price. The problem is not the price itself, but the credibility of the car dealer. There are plenty or scammers lurking behind people’s back to spot naive car buyers to win their business.

CarWoo! answers the need for credibility by offering a web-based service that meets car buyers with car dealers – all required to sign up for membership. This way, CarWoo! cuts your effort in half in finding trusted local car dealers.

How CarWoo! works

How it works is so smart, in such a way that there is no way for a car buyer to get scammed by CarWoo! dealer members:

1. Tell car dealers about your preferences

You can choose a make, color, etc. of your dream car via a real-time web application. The information is gathered and then delivered to car dealers.

2. Local car dealers will send you their offers

Car dealers located near you will then respond to your specifications by posting their offer prices. You can learn more about each offer, including about the car dealers.

3. Start negotiating anonymously

You can do whatever you need to do to negotiate for better prices – you can call, email, and make counter-offer conveniently and anonymously.

4. Buy your dream car at a push of a button

Whenever you are ready to decide, click a button to lock the deal and schedule time to pick up yours.

To better grasp CarWoo!’s concept, here’s CarWoo!’s official how-to video:

How much will it cost

Unfortunately, CarWoo! services are not free of charge.

For as low as $39 (one time fee,) you can start getting offers form car dealers. However, for a more complete site, you might want to consider the $79 “Plus plan” that can give you almost any features you need.

Lessons learned

Entrepreneurs would make millions on regular basis if they have the exact know-how of what people are actually want and in-need today (some do have Midas’ touch, turning everything into gold, but most of us don’t.) Unfortunately, knowing what people really want is trivial, regardless of the market research you have done.

Discovering the pain point of your target market proves to be useful. In CarWoo!’s case, they are doing a great job identifying and answering car buyers’ top-most issue: Getting scammed by a car dealer. A well-screened list of car dealers with anonymous haggling will only be beneficial for car buyers – and of course, CarWoo!

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Ivan Widjaya
Automotive business idea