4 Uncommon Ways of Getting Exposure

getting noticed
Getting exposure
A lot of companies strive to figure out ways to get noticed, especially cheap ways to get exposure, and there isn’t always an easy answer because sometimes you get lucky and strike gold, other times, you could be hustling and get nothing. At least, here are some uncommon ways of getting exposure, where if you’re lucky, you just might get the exposure you’ve been waiting for.

1. Getting on Social News Sites

You can get connected with influentials and power users on Digg and Reddit to submit your links, blog posts, case studies or even products to these link aggregation sites and hopefully get tons of free exposure and maybe some valuable feedback (filtering past all the snarky trolls, that is). If your link hits the front page for either of these sites, you’re guaranteed tens of thousands of hits to your site in a matter of hours. Now that’s striking gold, huh?

2. Product Aggregation Sites

Submitting product feeds to shopping aggregation sites like ThisNext gets you more distribution because you’re now showcasing your product to millions of active users, some of which are actively looking to discover things like what you’re offering.

3. Guest Blogging

Writing on other sites is powerful for a few reasons. First, the most obvious thing is that you get extra exposure by authoring great articles on other sites, capturing that site’s readership, earning their respect because of the useful things you have to say. Second, and less obvious, is that you build a relationship with the editors and writers of that site, who would be more likely to write news stories about your company whenever you send a pitch, or might even refer you to other writers in their network who write for great publications.

4. Interacting on Related Forums

Getting active with your community is one of the under-practiced gems in marketing. When you get active on forums where your target market hangs out, you show them that you’re a real part of their community, and if you’re writing useful posts rather than self-promotional junk, they’ll appreciate how genuine you are and that you’re a thought-leader in your niche, making them more likely to purchase with you in the future.

Anyone else have thoughts on less common ways to get exposure?