Why Window Displays Should Dress to Kill

ted baker window display
Retail window display
A lot of people I know often talk about going window shopping. This set me thinking about the importance of a window display in marketing. A window display may not matter to a determined shopper who knows his/her mind and enters a store with a clear idea about what to buy.

Having said that, window displays have a key role to play in keeping customers engaged, eliciting enquiries and encouraging unplanned purchases. Here’s why…

People Magnets

How many times have you walked past a store and been drawn to it simply because it had an attractive window display? Chances are several times. Come to think of it, a good window display is the reason why many people go in to stores to make enquiries, look at products and even end up making unplanned purchases.

A creative window display is a magnet that attracts people to your store…there are no two ways about it…people are visual beings. The simple reason why people sit up and take notice when a beautiful girl walks in to the room is this…we are intrinsically drawn to things and people that look good.

Use the magnetic effect of a creative window display to draw customers to your store!

Interesting Preludes

Teaser campaigns are a much tried and tested approach to marketing products and services. Launch your very own teaser campaign with a window display.

Window displays can be used to create interesting preludes of things to come. If you are launching a new collection or have some fresh stocks due to arrive then your window display is the best place to showcase it.

Pop-up retail models are also used to pique curiosity of customers towards forthcoming events like product launches and reinvention strategies. A window display has the short term effect of a pop-up without the lack of permanent space. You can use it to your advantage and arouse curiosity among customers.

A Quick Dekko

A window display is a quick dekko at the offerings at a store. People who walk by or drive by might have a look at it and come back to make a purchase or enquiry later. It is a really quick way to communicate what the offer is without coming across as an aggressive marketer.

Using your window display to showcase the best products at your store or best of things to come is a short and simple visual message that you can send out to prospective buyers. It is in fact a gentle reminder that people are welcome to walk in and check out the wares on display at their convenience.

Dealing with competition in the retail sector is an arena fraught with its own set of challenges and opportunities. As opposed to going all out to be tech savvy in a bid to attract attention, using creative window displays never fails to generate footfalls and prompt unplanned purchases.

Image credit: PLANarama