Postcards: Still Effective as Direct Marketing Tools?

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Effective direct marketing tool
The arrival of email, followed by the booming of social media has reduced the role of postcards as communication method. However, business-wise, postcards are still effective as direct marketing tool. How to return the most from your investment in postcards design and printing?

As a communication form, postcards have become a niche communication method. Niche? Yes – while postcards’ role in communication has been significantly reduced (many consider postcards are obsolete,) they are still a valuable tool to share your thoughts to your family, friends and colleagues in a different way.

I still keep funny and quirky postcards for the design and the message on the other side of the postcards. Sure, I can share anything I like via Twitter and the likes, but one thing for sure, I can’t keep text messages, Twitter tweets and Facebook updates. Holding a postcard, view the picture and read the message are somehow different.

However, as a direct marketing tool, postcards are still as effective as ever. As it arrives in your mailbox, you just pick it up and read the messages (at least you would glance at it) – with no “noise” and distraction social media and email has – this is perfect for delivering the marketing messages for maximum conversion.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your postcards as direct marketing tool:

1. Let’s just go to the point, shall we?

A postcard has a limited space. Paragraphs of text in small prints won’t work. You need to be concise and deliver your message right to the point.

2. Design well and grab attention

Interesting – even weird – images can help grab your prospects attention – don’t overdo it, though. You don’t want to leave a bad impression about your business with your postcards, do you? Related to the number 1 above, you need too keep a nice amount of whitespaces on your postcards; whitespaces help drawing your prospects attention toward the printed messages. You could also try the bigger postcard size at 8.5 inch by 11 inch – such size will surely attract more attention. Remember, if your postcards are cool looking, chances are, prospects will keep yours for a long time.

3. Choose your postcard material well

Postcards are better than your PC, laptop or mobile phone’s screen, at least in one aspect – you can view image and text AND touch and feel it. So, it’s important for you to choose the right postcard material as it plays an important role in delivering the messages contained in the postcard.

4. Timing, timing, timing

Delivery timing is important. Be sure to deliver on the day (if possible, on the right time, too) in such a way that you will get better attention. As we all know it, Monday is a bad day because most mails will be delivered on this day. Moreover, people are generally very busy on Monday – so your postcards won’t get the much needed attention to send the message across.

5. Include things that will attract prospects to keep your postcard

The idea of marketing via postcards is to have them deliver the right message and have prospects keep them longer. Adding special offers and discounts to the postcards can give your prospects another reason to keep your postcard.

When done right, postcards can offer you great return on investment – why don’t you give this good ol’ direct marketing tool a try?

Ivan Widjaya
Postcards are perfect for direct marketing
Image credit: Joey’s Dream Garden (formerly Joey 7)