Getting Out of Your Business Problems: Just Do Your Part and Let God do His Part

work hard solving business problems
A businessman hard at work, doing his part
With all the disasters happening in all over the world today, it’s hard to stay positive and live stress free. Business-wise, disasters can come in the form of dropping sales and lawsuit issues. The impacts are just the same: All of those negativities will eventually drain your much-needed creativity and drive to keep your business (and your personal finance) afloat.

However, there are always positive things in negative things happening in our life. Do you know what’s good with disasters? More people seek God for guidance and to find peace, as well as answers. I am almost sure that in today’s Easter church service, you will see more people come the church than last year.

Disasters are God’s warning

Many consider God is, well, playing gods – playing around with people’s fates, do as He like, and such. Believing in such is, to me, plain foolish. God wants you to live and live your life in abundance. He allows sickness, personal bankruptcy, etc. to happen in your life to give your warnings – warnings of what you may experience in the future if you didn’t turn back from your missteps and wrong-doings – in your business, your community, and your family.

In fact, most of the case, our “disasters” are the result of our own fault – God has paved the way from you; it’s for us to decide whether we will walk the path God provides or not.

I am not a Pastor and someone who is strong in faith. I fall many times – and was heading toward personal bankruptcy 3 years ago. But God saves me in time – after I start grasping the lesson He gave me: Trust in God, and let Him do his part while you keep doing your part.

Want to get out of your business troubles? Just do your part and do it exceptionally well

I don’t know how about you, but I keep on forgetting the latter part, that I should keep doing my part. At times, I feel that I just want to give up. But I realise that giving up means I’m not doing my part.

Drowning myself in frustration, anxiety and depression will only destroy what God has built for me. People (including me) are often blaming God for all the bad things happening in their life. The question is, are YOU doing YOUR part? If your answer is, “Well, yeah – but…” then you are NOT doing your part. Whining, nagging, complaining don’t solve a thing – those things will only drown you deep in your problems.

“My business empire is tumbling down. It’s God fault!” “My competitor steals my idea. Why God allow this to happen?” “I am heading toward personal bankruptcy. Why God doesn’t answer my prayers?” “I am buried in my credit card debts. Why God, why?” etc. – well, if you and I said something similar to those, let me tell you something: It’s not God’s fault; it’s ours.

Are you “attacking” your problems? Are you paying your credit cards one by one until you clear your debt? Are you doing your job in negotiating with your business creditors and suppliers? Are you seeking God and professional help to solve your business problems? If your answer is still, “Well, yeah – but…” – then you are not doing your part. How can you and I expect God to fix things for you if you don’t even try to fix things for your own problems?

He has a big plan for you and me. The plan will only work if you work hard, maintain your composure, and trust in God. No matter what business or financial problems you are experiencing today, you need to know that you shouldn’t hide; you need get out and get up to face your problems, ask for God’s guidance and start fixing things – not tomorrow, but today!

Ivan Widjaya
Happy Easter!
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