Small Business Start-up Office Space: Why Renting Makes Sense

small business startup office space rental
Renting office space: Make sense?
If you’re starting out in business then one of the main aims is to keep costs low. After all, with little money coming in and quite a lot probably going out, it makes sense to be thrifty when it comes to costs. That’s probably why so many entrepreneurs start their ventures at home, and continue to work in a spare bedroom, study or even garage until things establish themselves.

That’s all fine and dandy if you’re happy to work from home but many small business start-ups need the extra benefit of a “˜proper’ office in a dedicated working environment. While working from home can be good, it can also be a solitary existence, which isn’t suited to everyone, and there can be frequent distractions too. A desk or office that you can call your own somewhere else may just be the answer.

Costs are low?

Working from home might seem to be obviously cheaper than hiring out desk or office space, but in the current climate with lots of property available, office space rental isn’t the costly exercise you might think it to be. In fact, thanks to the recession, many landlords are simply keen to hire out their dead office space, and so as a result, prices are actually more competitive than ever.

Competition is also fierce too, with a glut of available space, meaning that landlords are also increasingly flexible about renters needs. Even office space in prime downtown areas of or on premium business parks is now more affordable than ever. What’s more, the obvious benefit for going down this route is that your new business will instantly have a location that will be attractive to both current and new clients and customers.

What do I need?

If you’re a start-up then it’s very likely that you’ll have pretty humble requirements when it comes to hiring out office space. So, instead, lookout for deals on renting a desk in a shared office. This can be a great way of getting your own area in a thriving office environment, usually in a great location too. It’ll give you the added benefit of being able to network and also meet clients in dynamic surroundings, all of which is good for business.

If you’re looking to expand or expect to add employees further down the line then you’ll also want to pick through the shared office deals, which allow you to boost your business in easy steps. You’ll go from one desk to many in a very short space of time if the need arises, as shared offices can come with space sold by the square yard or metre and the more plush shared offices will also boast add-ons including receptionists, post and IT services and support.

What will it cost?

You’ll be surprised at how cost effective this option can be and the extra benefit with renting desk or office space is that often contracts will be on a short-term rolling basis, meaning that you don’t get tied into a long deal that may not fit your needs. It also allows convenience and flexibility, which are both essential things when a business is in its fledgling state. Shop around, take a look at the deals – it could be the best thing you’ve done to date.

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