5 Free Drupal Themes for Small Business

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Drupal small business themes

My last article about Drupal for small business talks about how Drupal is the best CMS for your small business website, including some tips on how to choose the right Drupal Hosting for your Drupal-powered business website. In this article, I want to follow up the previous article by highlighting and debunking myths saying that there are no Drupal themes good enough for a small business website.

Many consider Drupal themes look not as good as the other content management systems (CMS.) Many “blame” Drupal as web-developer-friendly but not web-designer-friendly – thus the lack of great looking website design. However, whatever the negative reputation Drupal receives, business web developers and business website owners alike agree to the fact that Drupal is a powerful CMS – more powerful than Joomla! Business applications can be developed on Drupal with great flexibility – thanks to the web-dev-friendly, stable environment. I do strongly agree that front-end design is very important, though… so the big question is, “Do Drupal themes really suck?”

It was difficult to find good looking themes for Drupal, but now it’s a different story. With better-looking Drupal themes developed, it’s now hard to tell whether a site is built with Drupal or other CMS.

Free Drupal small business themes I recommend

To debunk the myth that says Drupal themes suck, herewith I recommend some great looking free Drupal themes for small business that are being actively developed – enjoy!

1. Busy

busy drupal theme

Busy is a free Drupal theme that is great for corporate website. It looks professional and the bluish theme shouts “trust” and “reliable.”

2. Jackson

jackson drupal theme

Jackson is a highly customisable and SEO-optimised free Drupal theme with clean layout – perfect for small business websites.

3. Acquia Prosper

acquia prosper drupal theme

If your e-business startup is an online store, look no further than Acquia Prosper. It is a professional-looking free e-commerce theme for Drupal with fully-functioning shopping cart and order management system.

4. Urban Solice

urban solice drupal theme

Urban Solice Drupal theme looks similar to Jackson, in a sense (both are from the same theme developer.) It’s better suite you if you want your small business website to sport neutral color look with clean layout.

5. BlogBuzz

blog buzz drupal theme

Who say Drupal can’t power a business blog site? BlogBuzz is actually a general purpose free Drupal blog theme, but I include it as a small business theme because it looks professional and perfect for small business blogs.

I conclude…

So, there you go – my recommended Drupal small business themes that can help you and your team to build a powerful and great-looking small business website.

Just a reminder, in building and running a small business website, the theme you use is not the only one that is important; your decision in choosing the best Drupal Hosting for your site is also an important decision to make.

Ivan Widjaya
free Drupal small business themes rock!