4 Interesting Islamic Businesses and Business Blogs

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Interesting Islamic business - hijab
Having lived in India all my life businesses that have sprung up because people who follow different religions and faith need certain kinds of products and services are certainly not new to me. My posts next month will shed more light on businesses born out of religion and this post is just a prelude of things to come.

Born and raised as a Muslim, Islamic business is something that I’ve been exposed to very early in life. This is probably why I’ve chosen to share 4 interesting Islamic businesses and business blogs that I recently came across.

The idea is to highlight how entrepreneurs have found these opportunities and help people who wish to use these products and services to do so with ease.

Henna Sooq

Khadijah Dawn Carryl is a Henna/Mehndi artist and Muslimah business owner who turned her love of henna and desire to share its beautifying benefits with others into a thriving business.

Her henna studio, Henna Sooq specializes in providing customers with imported, high-quality, sifted henna powders, herbs, and a specially blended henna paste that’s ready to use. Henna Sooq is the one stop store and resource for all those interested in natural hair care, decorative henna supplies or receiving personalized henna and glitter body art services.

The range of services on offer includes:

Private Sessions
Bridal Services
Prenatal Belly Art
Glitter “Tattoos”
Corporate Events Henna Workshops
Hair Workshops

Henna Sooq is located in Elkridge, Maryland, where they provide products and services for the surrounding community; but you can also order products and supplies through their website” Hennasooq.com.

To catch up on the latest on offer at the Henna Sooq log on to their blog at http://hennablogspot.com/ .


Islamic clothing is emerging as a huge business opportunity. Loose garments that are modest and fashionable are something that every discerning Muslim buyer is looking for.

Shukronline.com is a great place to buy clothes and accessories for men, women and children. An Indian start up that right now operates from home and sells online through a Facebook page is the Hijab Design Studio.

The tunics and trench coats on offer at Islamic shopping sites are also trendy enough for use by people who don’t wear hijab.

Forum for Working Muslim Women

With a spurt in the number of Muslim women working from home, Umm Yusuf, a working Muslimah herself decided it was high time that someone started a forum where these women entrepreneurs could come for advice, support and promote their business as well.

Thus was born the muslimahsworkingathome.com, which functions as a one stop resource for Muslim women who run small businesses and home based ventures. Free business reviews and success stories are all there to inspire the aspiring Muslim businesswoman.

Halal Food

If you are looking for Halal food recipes and suppliers then myhalalkitchen.com is the place to go to.

Yvonne Maffei, M.A., is a food writer, recipe developer, cooking instructor, and the Editor of My Halal Kitchen, a halal food and cooking blog which is a treasure trove of culinary tips and healthy halal recipes.

The mission of My Halal Kitchen is to provide home cooks with ideas, tips, resources and the gateway to supplies to prepare halal meals, including those with the necessary substitutions to make every dish halal. It aims to make the lives of readers better by expanding the list of available recipes that are healthy, delicious, economical and halal. She resides in Chicago, IL.

Coming up in June…more businesses inspired by religion from India and across the globe!