7 Things Your Customers Want and How to Deliver Them

customer service
Delivering what customers want
Customers are an invaluable asset to any business establishment. Meeting their varying demands and expectations should be the primary objective of every company. Creating a clientele is easy. Keeping it is a whole new ball game.

Customers Are Keepers – Think Like Them

How would you like to be treated as a customer? What would you want and expect from anyone you give your business to? There is only one cardinal rule to customer service – Customers Are Keepers. This is true for all and not just small businesses. Below, I will list 7 things that will help companies do just that. Mastering them can lead to long lasting customer-business relationships.

1. Listen Intently to their Concerns – Listening to an unsatisfied customer will tell them that you are concerned about their query and value their input.

2. Be Reachable through Multiple Mediums – Make the customer aware of the many ways you can be reached around the clock. Phone, email and social media are a few common examples.

3. Admit when You Are Wrong – This is very important. Admitting your mistake will instantly diffuse the situation, making it easier for both parties to reach a mutually agreed resolution.

4. The Ability to Take Immediate Action – Every course of action should be implemented immediately in a professional manner with the customer being kept in the loop at all times.

5. No Fine Prints Allowed – Be professional and upfront about any corporate or contract policy changes. Most customers will promptly comply, provided the reasoning is sound.

6. Promise Less, Deliver More – One of the best ways to create a good first impression on customers is to promise them less and then pleasantly surprise them by delivering more.

7. Accommodate Customers at Every Opportunity – Accommodating customers whenever possible ensures you stay at the top of their list.

Customer service is an art, a masterpiece of which is best portrayed by ironclad corporate-customer relationships. There is a reason why many smart businesses today are implementing and perfecting customer service practices. A company’s success lies in its customers. Therefore by directly investing in them, they also indirectly invest in their future.

Author Bio:

Alex Finlay is a Small Business Consultant. He has helped many startup companies achieve significant presence on the internet. He has worked on many online marketing projects for small businesses helping them achieve noticeable online presence through social media, web and logo design.

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