Small Business Operations: How to Improve Productivity and Lower Costs with AceProject

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Today, it seems that our lives will not be the same without the Internet – we live and work in the Net; in fact, we come to a point that we can’t stay away from the Internet. To most, business and personal life won’t be just the same without plugging yours to the Net.

Business-wise, the Internet offers small businesses more opportunities to improve productivity and reduce IT capital investments and operating expenses. Today’s hot new trend in business IT, cloud computing, has helped businesses to reduce costs and improve productivity.

The availability of web-based tools to help you run your small business, as well as collaborate with your team members can bring you competitive edge – if you decide to run your business online, that is.

Run your business online: How?

Running your business online is not as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is to sign up with the right project management software and online collaboration tool, such as AceProject.

AceProject is a web-based project management tool enabling you to move your small business online and manage everything online.

You can do all the necessary small business operations with AceProject: You can manage every aspects of project management, such as project costing, expenses tracking, timesheet tracking and human resource management, online collaboration, share documents, and many more.

You can now run a very nimble small business; you even don’t need an office space with online project management tool like AceProject. You and your team members can now work virtually from anywhere, as long as you have a computing device and an Internet access.

AceProject’s new mobile version even adds to the flexibility of location independent working. It is compatible with all mobile devices and browsers.

How using AceProject can improve your bottom line?

AceProject helps your business to minimise IT-related costs and capital investments. When your small business flourish, you don’t need to install more IT infrastructure to accommodate the growth, including any expenses that come with it. Instead, you can just “scale-up” your AceProject plan to accommodate more users, projects and spaces seamlessly.

Moreover, online working (or cloud working) allows you and your team to do whatever they want with their time – in positive ways, of course. Instead of “chaining” their legs to their office desks, your employees can now be empowered by having them to work anywhere they want.

As a decision maker, you can empower your employees by doing telecommuting and online working. This way, they can have more flexibility (as well as removing commuting to work from the equation) and you can lower office premise-related expenses, such as electricity expenses.

All in all, web-based project management software, such as AceProject, can help you achieve just that.

How to benefit from AceProject?

The great thing AceProject offers is due to the fact that signing up is free for the basic plan. The basic plan offers you 5 Users, 5 Projects, 50 Tasks and 250 Mb of storage space – so it should be enough for a small business with less than 5 employees.

You can also utilise the free basic plan to test things out, to see whether bringing your business online offers you substantial benefits.

I recommend you to give AceProject a try – signup with AceProject.

Ivan Widjaya
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