Nuvro: Easy Project Management Software for Small Business

Nuvro is a cloud-based GDPR compliant project management suite that offers every tool a small or large team needs to effectively manage projects from start to finish. Pricing is a big advantage here, as they offer virtually all the same features as big name project management tools like Asana Premium and Wrike but for a fraction of the cost.

A service like Asana Premium is okay for a big firm, but they’re also backed by big name venture capitalists who only care about refining features to zero-in on a specific niche customer base, then raising prices to justify those refinements and the needs of those niche businesses.

Nuvro project management software K.I.S.S.

Nuvro touts themselves as a premium platform that offers 95 percent of the features all businesses use most. This positions them between free providers like Trello, premium providers like Basecamp and enterprise providers like Asana Premium.

A few of Nuvro’s project management features:

  • Simple 3-pane view
  • Unlimited Workspaces, Projects, Messaging and Cloud Storage
  • Projects, Tasks, Sub Tasks, Task Dependencies, Task Priority and Task ETA’s
  • Date Range, Recurring and Milestone scheduling
  • Visual Progress Monitoring
  • Workload Monitoring
  • Team Productivity Reporting
  • Custom Role Permissions
  • Document Collaboration
  • Project Data Import/Export
  • Dedicated Support

Nuvro is very easy to use, built on the “K.I.S.S” principle to be intuitive and easily navigable. The dashboard is so easy to use in fact, they claim the majority of their users never have to contact them with help to implement Nuvro into their company.

Though, they’re happy to help whenever you need it, offering dedicated support anytime to help you with any difficulties you might experience. Best, if you ever decide to leave the service, you can easily export your data stored on the platform, so you never have to worry about losing anything.

How Nuvro is changing the project management space

The team at Nuvro have worked with all the big project management software products, and a bunch of the startups that have been emerging over the last few years. The team is knowledgeable and committed to meticulous market research. They understand what the majority of businesses really need.

Why pay for more features or user access than you really need? To draw another comparison between Nuvro and Asana Premium, the latter offers some questionable, rather unfair pricing if you want to gain full access to all their features over their very limited, scaled-down free offering. Asana Premium is listed at $11.99 per user. However, there’s a catch: you have to sign up 5 users in order to gain access to Premium — a whopping $60 a month! It doesn’t matter if you’re a team of 1, 2 or 3 — you still gotta pay for 5 to play.

Nuvro charges just $7 a month per user. You can have one user or many — it doesn’t matter to them. Asana premium offers a $2 discount per user if you pay annually (for all 5 or more users). Nuvro knocks off $3 per user (a 43% discount) if you pay annually, with again, no minimum user number requirements.

Locked in pricing

Other project management software providers also regularly raise their prices (Eg., Asana cost just $6.25 per user in 2016). When you sign up with Nuvro, you’re locked into the same price for the life of your account. That means you’ll still be paying the same price in 2025 as you do today when/if you sign up.

This isn’t to say pricing in general will never increase, as it costs money to run the company and make improvements based on user input. It just means you’ll never pay more than what you agreed to at sign-up time. Not to mention, you get the standard industry 30-day free trial, and can have a full refund after 90-days, if you decide Nuvro can’t deliver everything you’re looking for.

Nuvro Project Management software

You have nothing to lose

The great thing about modern cloud-based tools over the locally-hosted software of old (Ie., multiple disks and hours of installation and tweaking time), is it never costs anything to try. With a 30-day free trial, and 90-day money back guarantee, you can give Nuvro and it’s management and collab tools a thorough test drive before committing to them fully. In this day and age, no business needs to feel imprisoned by the software used to run their company.

Nuvro offers a nice balance between clunky and featureless free options and the robustness of really expensive tools like Asana Premium — tools that force user minimums, constant price increases, and less focus on user loyalty.

Give Nuvro a try. You have nothing to lose.