Project Managers: How to Bolster your Team Collaboration with Comindware Team Network in 2015

As a project manager, your biggest priority is to ensure timely completion of projects. The thing is, you cannot ensure completion of project work in the absence of team collaboration. 2014 is now coming to an end, and you must have wrapped up projects for the year. In 2015, ring in the new with a whole new rejuvenated team in place. Read on to know more about how you can to bolster your team collaboration.

Teamwork is the cement that holds together the brickwork in your organization. Especially when you’re working on collaborative projects you need team spirit, communication and cooperation to help you get work done.

Collaborating at work with Comindware Team Network

Centralized team-working

Centralized communication and documentation are the keys to inculcating collaborative approaches in a team. If people can find the latest information and are constantly updated projects, they feel involved and can use the updates to develop better solutions and suggestions.

If there are roadblocks then a strong team is able to tide over them by addressing problems as and when they arise – in real-time. You never know who might come up with a solution that is cost effective and time saving so keeping your team well connected at all times is imperative.

How can you achieve this? Well, I’d say by putting new systems in place. In the New Year, it should be out with the old and in with the new way of collaborating and networking in the office. Making the team more cohesive with people skills and technology is the way ahead.

The big question: Which software?

In the end, everything boils down to choices: Which software should I use to bolster collaboration among my team members?

Choices are endless, but only a handful worth noted. One of them is Comindware Project – the solutions for Project Managers that I’m most familiar with when it comes to project management and collaboration.  Comes as a part of Comindware Project, Comindware Team Network.

Comindware Team Network is the industry’s first social collaboration software that focus on employee engagement and productivity achieved through work collaboration – in real time.

Here are some reasons why Comindware Team Network is for your business:

1. No more unstructured work

Work discussion screenshot

When discussing the project, emailing back and forth is a common activity.  Unfortunately, this cause inefficiency, as looking for important details and information in your inbox is a time-consuming activity, especially if you deal with hundreds of them a day (I know, I’ve been there!)

There is a better way: How about putting a structure into your internal project discussion, so that everybody can see all the discussions in one, single place? Comindware Team Network can offer you just that.

2. Want private discussions? Get into Rooms

Discussion rooms screenshot

There is a nifty feature offered by Comindware Team Network: Rooms.  With Rooms, you are enabled to create a private discussion on specific matters with a selected group of participants. As always, every participant can see all the discussions that are happening in your ‘room.’

3. Pool documents so that they won’t get lost

Document management screenshot

The bad thing about emails is you often loss important documents; you might overlook them or accidentally deleted them (again, I’ve been there!) Comindware Team Network eliminates this particular issue by offering a feature to pool your documents in one place, where your team members can download, upload, update or share them, as needed – and track the versions for you.

4. Find the right person quickly

People search screenshot

Working in a busy company with tens or hundreds of employees? Searching for names to contact someone is not enough.  You need to contact the right person, in the right department, with the right responsibility to address you and your needs. Comindware Team Network’s search feature can help you reach the right person quickly, as organizational structure, job description and contact info are visually arranged.


If you want efficiency and effectiveness with your software, you need to minimize clicks and layers. Going through pages after pages to look for the right feature is time consuming; a dashboard and a feature that is accessible one click away change the way you do business immensely – and will impact your overall productivity in a great way.

Comindware Team Network can offer you just that: A dashboard to oversee everything in real time, and features that are easy to access.

I suggest you to take the 30-day free trial to see whether the software can answer your needs.