How to Do Collaborative Project Management for Your Virtual Business Team

In today’s geographically dispersed workforce, collaboration tools are growing in importance. Yet, not many can answer the need as effectively as Comindware Project. Here’s why.

Comindware Project HD iPad

Mobile working requires powerful collaborative project management tools

More companies are run by virtual team today. There are apparent benefits of doing so: The ability to collaborate with great talents worldwide regardless of location and timezone differences, the ability to conveniently communicate and collaborate on projects using a more accessible online tools, and so on.

But from what I see, there are still gaps in the market that has yet to be filled. How so?

Well, if you think that project management and collaboration tools available today is adequate to answer the need for remote or mobile working, think again.

The study conducted by Siemens Enterprise Communications reveals that although 79 percent of responders work as part of a virtual team on a regular basis, only 44 percent find the tools they are using is adequate.

This is a challenge, as well as an opportunity for tech companies to engage. Comindware is one of such companies that set the standard of how collaborative project management tools should work.

And I think Comindware is doing a great job with their Comindware Project.

Please allow me to introduce you to Comindware Project to show you how the software raises the bar for anyone else engaging project collaboration.

What is Comindware Project?

Working with projects with a virtual team requires you to have effective communication among team members. While communication can be done using a good, old email software, there are a good chance to lose important messages along the way as you need to work back and forth between your project management software and messaging software.

Comindware Project is developed specifically for that purpose: For making project management, collaboration and communication easy through one, easy-to-use platform, online or on-premise – your choice.

Comindware Project is a project collaboration software which enables you to work on projects collaboratively and communicate effectively among team members – all from a single platform.

You can do what quality project management software can do, such as project planning, project tracking, and resource management. However, those are just the tip of the iceberg. What’s under that is what you can’t find with other software.

Features you really need

Let’s have a look at Comindware Project’s Predictive Gantt chart, priority-based planning and project collaboration features.

Predictive Gantt chart

Predictive Gantt Chart in Comindware Project

Project tracking in Comindware Project is done by real-time Gantt chart that automatically reschedule undone work for you. No more manual overdue tasks rescheduling and no more false hopes about the progress of your projects!

To compare, Microsoft Project will mark an undone task as overdue with no other means to reschedule it than do it manually. This is not ideal.

Automated priority-based planning

Visual WBS for project planning in Comindware Project

Comindware Projects offers automated priority-based planning: Not only you can assign tasks and define priorities using a visual, drag-and-drop interface, you can also do so with resource leveling, task linking, and other calculations automatically done for you.

In other words, you can focus on your planning without worrying about the resource allocation.

Project collaboration

Project discussion in Comindware Project

Comindware Projects enabling you not only to collaborate for your projects, but also to discuss the projects with your team members, as well as with your colleagues company-wide.

This feature – Presented by Comindware Team Network – is a better solution than group emails: No more lost messages and confusing threads.

Is it worth trying?

As you can see, Comindware Project is superior to the typical project management and collaboration tools you see available on the market today.

The visual Work Breakdown Structure chart, the automatic resource allocation, and the predictive task scheduling/rescheduling are some of best features offered by Comindware Project. There are more benefits of using the software, such as:

  • Use the software cloud-based or on-premise – your choice
  • Full support via life chat and support ticketing system
  • Extensive user guide and knowledgebase

But don’t take my word for it. Give Comindware Project a try by making a good use of the 30-day free trial offer.