Walking Your Entrepreneurial Journey with God

entrepreneurial journey with God
Entrepreneurial journey
Successful entrepreneurs are those who embrace changes and uncertainty well. What set successful entrepreneurs apart with the rest is their ability to learn from their failures and walk their entrepreneurial journey with faith.

With faith, I refer to someone or something entrepreneurs have trust in – some call it luck, experience, beliefs, etc. As of for me, faith refers to my trust in God.

Successful entrepreneurs are not those who achieve success all the way; instead, they are probably the worst failures of all – they fail more than anybody else. Great entrepreneurs learn from their failures and achieve successes that make those failures seem insignificant.

That’s right – successful entrepreneurs could fail 1,000 times but are successful in 1,001 opportunities. Or – in some cases – failing 1,000 times is required to achieve one single success – just ask Thomas A. Edison, a well-known inventor.

So, all we need to do is to fail more to be successful right? Pretty straightforward, eh? Unfortunately, it’s far more complicated than it looks; it seems so simple, but believe me – it’s not.

Failing is difficult for entrepreneurs: My story

Did you know the number one thing feared by entrepreneurs? You might have guessed it right: Fear of failures.

Indeed, failing is difficult; some will feel traumatic about entrepreneurship and abandon their dream of becoming their own boss altogether; some will feel defeated and drown themselves in sorrow.

My story of failing

I fail a lot of times – Let’s say I am experienced in failing (I AM a failure – ha!)

My biggest failure of all was the moment I lost two business service shops 3 years ago due to many reasons, mainly the recession and mis-management.

As a Christian, at times I question God why all of these happen – I have a family to support and having two stores going out of business at almost the same time won’t help me in my effort to support my family.

Turning point

I admit – I nag at times; I was depressed. But one thing for sure – thank God – I didn’t lose my faith in Him. Instead, from my failures, I cling to Him – as tight as I could. I trust my and my family life in His hands.

With God’s grace, I learn that through my failures, I was taught about many things: To trust in God more; to learn what’s working and what’s not; to start thinking creatively.

What’s the biggest lesson of all? From my failures, God teaches me to be wise; to keep me grounded so I won’t become greedy; to learn that my life is safe with Him; to give all the glory to God, as “He must become greater; I must become less” (John 3:30.)

And yes, as I learn to put my ego aside, God took my hand and carried me to business opportunities I’ve never think about before: The world of online business and make money online.

To cut long story short, God avoided me from personal bankruptcy, allows me to work from home, surrounded by the people I love, and support my family with 100 percent online income, working anytime, anywhere I want.

Praise and glory to my God, as He is good, all the time.

Are you ready to walk in the midst of business world and economic uncertainty?

I am ready, because my God is a living God; He is for real, taking care of me in every details of my life. If saving me from personal bankruptcy is not a miracle, I don’t know what else you would refer as a miracle.

How about you? Are you ready to walk your entrepreneurial journey in faith?

Ivan Widjaya
Enjoying my entrepreneurial journey with God