Cashing in with Time Savers for Festive Celebrations

pre-stitched saree
Pre-stitched saree makes great business

Continuing with my series on religion = lifestyle choices = business opportunities, today I thought I’ll share some news on businesses that help people to save time during festive celebrations. These ventures supply products and services that are at the core of festive occasions but the USP is their ability to cut the time people spend on tasks that would seem time consuming and cumbersome.

I’ll talk about two products that save a lot of time spent on festivities in India…time spent dressing up for the occasion…

Pre-Stitched Saris

A sari is the traditional Indian outfit that women like to wear for weddings, festive occasions and celebrations. Most women in India wear saris on a day to day basis. But I’m not talking about people who wear saris regularly and can drape them elegantly all by themselves.

I am talking about people who don’t know how to drape a sari but want to wear one and very often may have little or no help at hand. Stitched saris have become a boon for such women. Ready to wear, these saris come with adjustable belts and straps that can be worn just like a dress or skirt and that too without much effort on the wearer’s part.

Stitched saris are a boon for women who want the traditional Indian look for an evening out, a wedding or a festival! Huge savings in time spent on draping six yards of fabric…more time to enjoy the event without worrying about tripping over a badly draped sari!!

Pre-Stitched Dhotis

A dhoti is a traditional garment won by Indian men for festivals and special occasions. Wearing a dhoti again calls for some amount of skill in draping it correctly.

For most men who are uninitiated in this task, the stitched dhoti comes to the rescue.

Ditto for the traditional nine yard sari which is draped partly like a sari and partly like a dhoti…the stitched version lets women flaunt the traditional look without getting lost in the voluminous drape a nine yard sari can be!

I can think of so many products and services that help people save time and focus more on enjoying festive celebrations.

  1. Ready to use curry pastes
  2. Mix, heat and eat desserts out of a pack
  3. Suppliers of traditional sweets and savories like Turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas
  4. Hampers for festive celebrations that have everything in place…puja thalis, flowers, spices, condiments, etc.

Most people have built successful ventures based on just these one or two things. There’s no reason why you can’t come up with a product to simplify life and help people save time!

Image: Auniket Prantor